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Buy Construction Cranes from 600SA Holdings

The construction industry in South Africa demands a versatile fleet of equipment for the contractors and businesses working in this sector. Having the ideal machinery at your disposal will work to your advantage on any project. Construction cranes play a pivotal role on the construction site. They are useful for removing heavy materials and objects, as well as lifting building-material pallets to required heights. The concept of the original counterbalanced crane originated in the construction industry. Today, that concept has evolved into many different and useful machines.

If you want to buy construction cranes in South Africa, we offer a unique approach. We offer a variety of truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes that can be used for construction purposes. These cranes can be mounted on the rear of almost any type of truck. Therefore, they can be used in many work environments. When it comes to the construction industry, Fassi’s light- and medium-duty ranges offer several options. Today, we will focus on these construction cranes and their benefits.


Truck-Mounted Construction Cranes

When you buy construction cranes, consider the required maximum load capacity and reach before committing to purchase. Our range of Fassi truck-mounted cranes covers a spectrum of load capacities and maximum outreach abilities. Fassi manufactures truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes with a unique and very effective design. The knuckle-boom design holds the sections on the crane together with joints, or knuckles, to allow for expanding and retracting the crane. As a result, these cranes offer compact transportation, yet provide for a large work radius from a stationary location. Thus, they are ideal for construction purposes.

Fassi’s light-duty range starts with the F28A. This truck-mounted crane is compact, but can still handle a load capacity of 2,5 t. With a maximum outreach of 6,9 m, it also has an excellent work radius from its stationary position. The light-duty range offers seven models of different sizes to choose from, gradually scaling up to the F110A. This model can handle a total mass of 11,2 t and has a maximum outreach of 16,5 m (with jib). Fassi’s light-duty range can offer viable options for construction cranes for your fleet.

If you want to buy a construction crane that can deliver more lifting power, the medium-duty range might hold the solution. Fassi’s medium-duty range is ideal for many applications in the construction industry. The range starts with the F135A, capable of handling a maximum load of up to 13,7 t. The F135A has a maximum outreach of up to 22,55 m (with jib) to grant this crane a large operating radius. With eight models in the range, scaling up in size to the F335A, you can easily buy the ideal crane to serve as a construction crane on site. The F335A has a maximum outreach of 26,7 m and a load capacity rating of 31,7 t total mass.

600SA Holdings offers a spectrum of lifting equipment for your business. Whether you want to buy construction cranes or hook lifts, we can deliver solutions to meet your requirements. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available industrial lifting equipment. Choose us today and let your business reach new heights with our quality lifting equipment.