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Truck-Mounted Cranes for Your Business

The industrial sector in South Africa features a variety of industries, ranging from forestry to mining. These industries require specialised lifting equipment. Truck-mounted cranes are part of such specialised lifting equipment, as they have unique abilities to boost the versatility of loaders and flatbed trucks. Normally, lattice booms are used for a mobile solution on worksites. However, these booms are too large to be mounted onto a flatbed or rack loader. If you want to buy a useful extension for your loader fleet, our ranges of knuckle booms will deliver a more practical solution.

The lattice boom is a well-known and proven piece of mobile crane that is permanently attached to a vehicle. If your business has a loader truck, you would normally buy an additional piece of lifting equipment to load the rack or bed with pallets or other materials. This creates an extra expense and requires the two vehicles to travel together on pickups and drop-offs. Today, we will talk about a different approach that can drastically change the way you load your transport vehicles.

Compact and Versatile

600SA Holdings offers an extensive range of truck-mounted cranes for your business. They feature knuckle boom designs, as opposed to the linear way in which a lattice boom operates. A knuckle boom mounts at the base of the unit, allowing it to rotate and lift loads vertically. This is a more efficient and practical way to lift heavy objects. When you buy mobile lifting equipment, it is wise to examine the functions and features of the machine to understand how it operates – and whether it is what you need. As with lattice booms, knuckle booms are also made up of different sections.

Truck-mounted cranes are usually mounted at their base, as their sections are connected by mechanical knuckle-like joints. These joints allow the boom to extend and retract in the same manner that a human finger would. Therefore, a pallet can be lifted into the air before the boom rotates and retracts to safely drop it on the bed of your loader. We offer specialised knuckle booms from Penz, with ranges for both forestry and recycling purposes. These knuckle booms are designed to handle logs and recyclable waste respectively. If you are in the forestry or recycling business, you can buy these booms for your loaders.

For a more holistic approach, Fassi delivers an extensive range of truck-mounted cranes that range from light- to heavy-duty models. These booms are designed to handle almost any type of lift, with a variety of them available, so you will find one that suits your specific requirements. You can buy one of the appropriate size and lift rating that will fit onto the rear of your loader. These knuckle booms are compact when retracted, so they do not make your truck much wider, higher, or heavier. As a result, you can mount the boom and not worry about clearing height restrictions.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of truck-mounted cranes in South Africa. If you wish to buy a knuckle boom for your loader, please browse our website for specifications on our different ranges. Take your business to the next level with our selection of lifting equipment.