Compact Sweepers

Compact Sweepers for Industrial Use

Compact sweepers are very popular vehicles in industry, because they can perform a variety of surface-cleaning tasks. The industrial sector is in dire need of a solution for cleaning large floor areas such as warehouses and factories efficiently and swiftly. However, it can be challenging to find the correct machine for your cleaning job, especially in confined spaces. Luckily, a compact sweeper has a narrow and tall body design, ideal for limited spaces, ensuring optimal manoeuvrability.

Most of these compact sweepers that must be able to clean confined areas have a tall and narrow body design. Normally, this could cause instability during operation in the case of a vehicle that moves at high speeds; however, compact sweepers are low-speed vehicles with specialised designs to do their jobs and therefore the tall, narrow body is a boon, not a disadvantage. In fact, one wants a compact sweeper to have as small a footprint as possible to ensure that it can get into all the nooks and crannies it needs to. Smart design means that these vehicles are made to be very stable.

In the case of a forklift, its considerable weight helps improve the stability of the vehicle, weighing it down firmly. This weight is carried low in the chassis and helps to keep the forklift right side up. However, a sweeper is not nearly as heavy, so its stability depends more on sound design. Bucher Schörling designs and manufactures a compact industrial sweeper that can be sourced through 600SA Holdings in South Africa. This sweeper has the trademark narrow and compact body typical of a compact sweeper and it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

The CityCat 2020 takes compact sweepers to the next level. Featuring front-mounted sweepers that can reach out from its body, the CityCat 2020 is impressively versatile and capable. This vehicle features articulated steering that does a lot for its agility and stability. With the CityCat 2020’s clever articulated steering system, the rear axle follows the front axle’s tracks faithfully to make precise and safe steering and direction changes possible and give the operator a reassuring sense of stability during operation.

As mentioned before, the front-mounted brushes are not statically connected to the body. Their reach ability allows this compact sweeper to reach underneath obstacles so that more of a facility’s surface area can be cleaned. This is a big advantage when cleaning parking lots, walkways, and streets. It is also ideal for tackling warehouses with racks and other obstacles covering the floor space. The suction nozzle is also pointing in the direction of travel thanks to the handy articulated steering that separates the front and rear axles. This allows the front part of the vehicle to comfortably change direction without being negatively affected or destabilised by the rear end.

We supply a variety of industrial lifting and cleaning equipment. For more information on these machines, including the CityCat 2020 compact sweeper, feel free to contact us with any enquiries. Choose 600SA Holdings today and let us provide useful solutions to ease your cleaning tasks.