Compactor Trucks

Waste Compactor Trucks and Their Functions

Waste-compactor trucks are commonly used for collecting and dumping waste. These vehicles are used by municipal services to collect waste from standard-sized bins in residential areas and dump it at designated dumpsites. Although they are mostly used this way, they can also be a waste-management solution for industrial businesses. Workshops and manufacturing plants alike are constantly generating all manner of waste that must be disposed of the right way. With a good system in place, industrial businesses can handle the waste being generated by their facilities.

600SA Holdings offers a wide variety of industrial equipment to choose from. From knuckle-boom, mountable cranes to waste-compactor trucks, we supply a variety of vehicles and equipment for your industrial needs. Since waste management is so important in the industrial sector, it is crucial that your business has a workable system that can take care of the waste being generated by your business. The solution is easy – hire a large dumpster container and a skip loader to transport it. However, this is not practical or cost-effective for routine use on a weekly basis.

The Benefits of Waste Management

waste compactorsHaving a fleet of waste-compactor trucks as your disposal allows your business to efficiently pick up and dump waste. Workshops and manufacturing plants are only some examples; office parks and warehouses can also be added to the long list of businesses and industries that each need their own waste-management solutions. By adding vehicles to your fleet that can pick up waste bins and transport the waste safely to a dumpsite, a routine waste-management process can be established to ensure that your business takes care of its generated waste efficiently. We deliver a solution that has already proved effective for municipal services and can be just what your business needs.

Most people are under the impression that proper waste management revolves around recycling. However, within an industrial setting, waste is handled differently. When dealing with wood and steel, as opposed to plastics and paper, the regular recycling channels do not necessarily apply. A waste-compactor truck is ideal for handling and transporting residential waste but industrial waste may have to be handled differently, depending on what it is made up of. However, it can be managed efficiently by using the appropriate equipment to get the job done.

We offer a selection of waste-compactor trucks in our vast line-up of industrial cleaning and waste-management solutions. These vehicles are equipped with the necessary on-board equipment and design features to ensure that the compactor is safe and leak-free. The purpose of these vehicles is to pick and transport waste safely and securely; therefore, they are robustly designed and made to protect the vehicle and the load and avoid any waste getting spilt before reaching the dumpsite. Some models also feature communication equipment between the crew and the driver for enhanced safety.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of industrial waste-management solutions, as well as mobile lifting and industrial cleaning equipment. For more on our compactor trucks, please browse our website for specifications. Choose us as your supplier today and let our quality equipment solve all your waste-management problems.