Construction Crane Hire

Hiring the Ideal Knuckle Boom

It can be difficult for a construction company to find the ideal crane for hire. Although such businesses commonly have their own vehicle fleet, it does not always include a mobile crane. Since these machines can be very expensive and because they do a specialised job, such businesses may be better off to hire as opposed to buy this type of equipment. The purchasing cost of construction equipment can be prohibitive, so, in some cases, it might be worth it to rent vehicles and lifting equipment rather than buying them outright. This can save your business money and perhaps even time.

Construction contractors normally hire lifting equipment and cranes for specific projects, so the machinery can be used and returned without the worry of maintenance or servicing. Finding the right lifting equipment can be a hassle but 600SA Holdings offers a wide range of knuckle booms that can be mounted onto the rear of flatbed and loader trucks. These cranes have a different approach to loading and unloading a flatbed truck – and many other uses besides.

A Knuckle Boom for Your Construction Business

As a construction business, you probably use flatbed trucks to transport materials and pallets. These trucks can also be used to transport heavy debris from the site during clean-up. By mounting a knuckle boom onto the rear of the truck, you can add the necessary functionality for flatbeds to load and unload themselves. Therefore, you will no longer require a separate forklift to load it with pallets or a mobile crane to unload it on site. Knuckle booms are unique by delivering a compact mobile solution for loader trucks and flatbeds and they have a myriad of useful applications as well.

We offer a comprehensive selection of truck-mounted cranes to hire for a variety of industries, including construction. Our range of Penz knuckle booms is targeted at recycling and forestry, whereas our range of Fassi knuckle booms are versatile and can be used in various industries. Most mobile cranes use lattice booms to extend their reach and work radius from a stationary position. A knuckle boom works somewhat differently. Lattice booms can only be extended in a linear plane, which limits their versatility, while knuckle booms offer a solution to this problem.

By being mounted at the base of the frame, a knuckle-boom crane is both strong and stable without using counterbalancing pivots or forces. The sections are connected through mechanical joints that act as knuckles, so the crane can be extended and retracted in a similar way as a human finger. This level of functionality makes it a prime candidate for construction contractors to hire for their projects and, as a result, there will be no need for an additional piece of lifting equipment to load flatbeds, dramatically reducing loading times.

600SA Holdings can be your supplier of truck-mounted knuckle boom cranes for all manner of construction jobs. For more information on our hire rates and available stock, please contact us with enquiries. With us on your side, you can benefit from an extensive range of industrial lifting equipment for your daily operations.