Construction Crane Rental Rates

Construction Cranes at Competitive Rental Rates

Being in the construction industry, your business needs a reliable and extensive fleet of equipment and vehicles to be competitive as a contractor and get the job done on time. However, having such a large fleet can be daunting, as it can cost a small fortune to maintain these vehicles, especially for smaller companies. Maintenance also eats away at the monthly budget but the fact remains that you need these vehicles to do your job. Construction cranes are large – and very expensive to buy. Luckily, 600SA Holdings offers competitive rental rates to ensure that you can have affordable lifting power.

Cranes originated in the construction industry, dating back to ancient times and civilisations. These devices were invented out of a need to lift heavy building blocks to desired heights when constructing tall structures. The original concept featured a counterbalance with a pivot to allow for one side to be weighed down and the other side to be lifted up. The concept has evolved into several modern interpretations. Today, we will look at one and highlight its functionality for your business.

When you think about a construction crane, you might immediately envisage a large tower crane that reaches to the sky but these towers are just one type being used in the industry today. Although they have incredible reach and lift capacity, they are stationary, which limits their functionality. We offer mobile knuckle booms at fair rental rates that can make a notable difference to how you approach projects and operate on site.

Flatbed trucks are typically used to transport heavy debris from such a site during the clean-up process. They may also be used to transport laden pallets to the site from a storage facility. However, normally, a flatbed requires another vehicle to load and unload it. This adds extra expenses and takes more time. By mounting a knuckle boom onto the rear of the truck, you add the functionality of a crane to your flatbed. This can be very useful for a construction contractor. With the knuckle boom mounted, the truck can load and unload itself without help. Our rental rates allow businesses to rent these knuckle booms for a specific project. This gives them the use of these booms without having to buy them.

Our range of Fassi truck-mounted knuckle boom cranes offers versatile lifting functions for flatbeds and loader trucks. Covering a comprehensive range of models, our selection includes light-, medium-, and heavy-duty models to choose from. Construction contractors can use these knuckle booms to save both time and money. With us on your side, you can boost your business to a more cost-effective and productive level by eliminating additional lifting equipment to load flatbeds and trucks – at great rental rates.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of truck-mounted knuckle boom cranes that can diversify the functions of your flatbed trucks. Whether it is construction, forestry, or recycling, our rental rates will save your business money – and time. Please browse our website for details and specifications on our available knuckle booms and give your business a productivity boost with our equipment.