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Cranes originated in ancient construction when heavy and large building blocks needed to be lifted to desired heights before being placed. The necessity to lift heavy things saw the birth of the counterbalanced pivot crane. This crane had one end attached to the building block, while the other end was weighed down to lift the object. It may sound simple in concept, but it proved so effective that many cranes still work this way today.

Modern cranes are available in a variety of designs and configurations. 600SA Holdings is a supplier of construction cranes, amongst our wide selection of mobile cranes. Knuckle-boom cranes differ in concept from the original counterbalanced version, additionally offering mobility and compact transportation. In contrast to large tower construction cranes, knuckle booms do not require time-consuming setting up. These cranes are designed to be truck-mounted, allowing fast and easy deployment and operation on the construction site. We supply a range of truck-mounted knuckle booms to suit your business requirements. Today, we will look at some of Fassi’s options that are suitable for construction purposes.


Fassi Medium-Duty Construction Cranes

As a construction-crane supplier, we understand the requirements of demanding work environments such as construction sites. Therefore, we deliver viable solutions for our clients to ensure that they have the right equipment for the task at hand. Fassi’s medium-duty range of truck-mounted cranes is versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, including construction. A knuckle-boom crane works differently to a lattice-boom crane, as it can fold into itself compactly for easy transportation. Although a lattice boom can extend and retract as well, it is not as compact as a knuckle boom and can therefore not be mounted on the back of a truck.

Construction vehicles are usually large. Flat-bed trucks are common in this industry and are used to transport heavy building materials and equipment. This is where a truck-mounted knuckle-boom crane can be ideal. These cranes can extend, retract, and rotate for optimal functionality from a stationary location. They can also achieve impressive lifting feats because of their design. As a supplier of all designs of industrial cranes, we can offer you a range of Fassi models.

Looking at the available models in Fassi’s medium-duty range, we find that there is a selection of eight different sizes. Our selection begins with the F135A, which has a sensible set of specifications with all the features you would expect from a medium-duty crane. The F135A has a total lifting capacity of 13 t, with a maximum outreach of 16,75 m. The largest model in the medium-duty range is the F335A. This knuckle boom can handle 31,7 t in total mass, with an outreach of 26,7 m to grant it a large radius of operation from a stationary location.

We are the obvious choice as a supplier of cranes for construction contractors and businesses. For more information on our available knuckle booms, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications on every individual crane. Choose 600SA Holdings today and let us be your supplier of top-quality lifting equipment.