Construction Cranes for Sale

Mobile Cranes for Construction

Cranes originated out of a need to lift heavy building materials to desired heights during construction. Today, there is a wide variety of cranes for sale with different functions for specific uses. However, among all the different types, construction cranes are still popular. Adding mobility to a crane was a big breakthrough. With mobile cranes, the need to construct a stationary tower crane on smaller worksites has been eliminated. With the use of a proper truck-mounted crane, the job at hand can be taken care of easily and quickly.

600SA Holdings offers a selection of truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes for sale that is ideal for construction. Knuckle booms have a different design than conventional lattice booms. These cranes are designed to be as compact as possible during transportation. With the design allowing the crane to fold into itself, it can be mounted on the rear of a truck. Therefore, this useful addition will not get in the way or make the truck too big or heavy. Today, we will look at some of the truck-mounted construction cranes that we offer for sale from the Fassi brand.


Knuckle Booms for Construction Applications

Construction sites require cranes that focus on vertical lift more than horizontal movement. Therefore, tower cranes are often constructed for larger building structures. However, for lighter-duty lifting work, a mobile crane can provide a more suitable solution on such sites. Not only will you get the advantage of mobility, but you also save all that time constructing a tower crane. Fassi’s range of medium- and heavy-duty knuckle-boom cranes are fit for construction purposes. We begin with the medium-duty range. These knuckle booms are ideal for mounting on trucks with double or triple rear axles.

In this range, we have eight models for sale to cater to a spectrum of applications. Starting with the F135A, we have a flexible crane that can lift a total mass of 13 tm. It has a maximum reach of 16,75 m to allow the crane to have a big operating radius. Looking at the rated specifications, it is easy to see why this crane would be useful on a construction site. With a multitude of applications and a versatile combination of functions, the F135A makes a strong case as a construction crane.

Moving to the heavy-duty range, we offer a selection of big cranes that can work well on the construction site. With a range spanning 11 models, you are sure to find the knuckle boom that meets your requirements. The F800RA is a mid-range model that can lift a mass of 72,17 tm. It has a maximum reach of 30,45 m to allow for high lifts and a vast reach from a stationary position. As a result, this is an ideal candidate for heavy-duty construction applications. So, Fassi’s selection of truck-mounted cranes that 600SA Holdings offers for sale can easily be used as construction cranes.

We offer a variety of truck-mounted mobile cranes to suit your business requirements. Whether it is construction or forestry, we have the required solutions. For more information, please peruse our website for detailed specifications and official documentation. Choose 600SA Holdings today and enjoy quality mobile lifting equipment for your business.