Cost-Effective Crane Hire

Cost-Effective Crane Hire

In South Africa, industrial machinery is very expensive when looking to buy new equipment for your business, which opens the door to hiring options to allow for a more affordable approach for businesses and individuals alike. When looking at the industrial and commercial sectors, businesses often don’t want to spend the money to buy heavy machinery outright, except when the investment is worth the return and the machine is constantly being used to keep the business going and generating income.

When this is not the case, and you only need specific lifting equipment for a specified period, 600SA Holdings offers cost-effective crane hire that will not only provide quality lifting equipment for your business, but also an easy way to get access to hired lifting equipment without having to commit to buy, but with buying remaining an option. Our wide range of knuckle-boom mobile cranes are ideal for mounting on trucks and save precious time and money in the process, eliminating the need for an additional vehicle to be present do the lifting to load carrier and transportation trucks. Today, we will discuss some of our knuckle-boom cranes and how they can serve as cost-effective crane-hire options for your business in your work environment.


Our Selection of Knuckle-Boom Cranes

Truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes offer a versatile and compact approach to mobile cranes, delivering the necessary ability to accomplish almost any lifting feat for the trucks on which these cranes are mounted. Whether it is recycling, forestry, or simply the ability to lift, our selection of knuckle-boom mobile cranes can do the job, along with a wide selection of other versatile uses to also take advantage of. Starting with our range of Penz Crane mobile cranes, we offer several solutions for the forestry and recycling industries, with cost-effective crane-hire options available for both industries. The LR and ZR ranges from Penz offer knuckle-boom models that are built to handle recycling jobs, with lifting capacities ranging up to 4545 kg for the 10LP+8.50R model at 4 m reach, so you will be able to hire the ideal model for your environment.

The regular Land Z ranges consist of models that are built to handle forestry tasks, granting your carrier trucks the ability to load and unload logs onto the back of the truck without having to wait for an additional vehicle to do so, saving valuable time and allowing for excellent versatility in this specific work environment. The L and Z ranges feature cost-effective crane-hire options with lifting capacities ranging up to 6525 kg for the 30Zp+7.80 model at 4 m reach, ideal for use in the forestry industry, bringing incredible strength and functionality to your transportation trucks. We also offer a wide range of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty truck-mounted mobile cranes from Fassi, delivering on that promise of versatility.

600SA Holdings is where you can find cost-effective crane-hire options and solutions for your business, avoiding the expensive commitment of buying lifting equipment that is only needed for specific time periods. For more information on our selection of truck-mounted knuckle boom cranes, feel free to peruse our website for their specifications or contact us directly.