Cranab Cranes

Cranab Forwarder and Harvester Cranes

Forwarders and harvesters are used in the forestry sector as machines that collect and transport felled logs. Forwarders are used to collect logs directly from the stump of the tree, as long as the log is clear off the ground. This differentiates a forwarder from a regular skidder, which can pick up logs of any size. Although this limits the functions of a forwarder, they are still used to transport felled logs. We offer truck-mounted knuckle booms from Cranab Cranes that are specifically designed to work with forwarders and harvesters.

Harvesters work in conjunction with forwarders and they are commonly used together. These machines are used to fell, delimb, and buckle trees. They are also used to transport logs to a designated roadside area where they are to be picked up and transported for processing. Our range of Cranab cranes includes options for harvesters as well, making life easier for the operator. As both vehicles work together, chances are good that forestry businesses have both of these in their fleet. Today, we focus on how our truck-mounted knuckle booms can add value to this effective combination.

Knuckle Booms for Forestry

cranab cranesA knuckle boom is a uniquely designed piece of lifting equipment that can be mounted onto a vehicle to enhance its functionality. Lattice booms serve a similar purpose but lack the versatility and agility of knuckle booms. While lattice booms are able to extend and retract the multiple sections of their booms, they extend linearly and on a single plane, limiting their functionality when compared to knuckle booms. Cranab’s truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes are specifically designed for forwarders and harvesters to expand their functions and make them an even more efficient combination.

Knuckle booms also use multiple sections to form the structure of the boom; however, these sections are connected by mechanical knuckles mounted at the base of the crane. Their movement and operation are similar to that of a human finger. They can also rotate at the base, extending their reach and improving their functionality even further. With their freedom of movement, Cranab’s selection of knuckle booms can be used for so many more lifting jobs. This can come in very handy when dealing with felled logs that must be transported to a designated area to be picked up.

Since forwarders and harvesters are on their part also uniquely designed forestry machines, these cranes must adapt to them. Therefore, the forwarder’s boom is mounted near the cabin, while the harvester’s boom is mounted on the far axle of the vehicle. This allows the forwarder to use its boom to load the logs into the loading bay, while the harvester can use its boom for felling and buckling purposes. Cranab offers a solution for both vehicles, affording them enhanced functionality and making them more efficient when used together.

600SA Holdings is your answer to truck-mounted knuckle booms, ranging from universal to specialist functions. For more on our selection of Cranab cranes that are specifically designed for forwarders and harvesters, peruse our website for specifications. Choose us as your supplier of industrial equipment today and enjoy the quality of brands like Cranab.