Crane-Hire Solutions in South Africa

Crane-Hire Solutions from 600SA Holdings

When it comes to truck-mounted crane hire solutions in South Africa, 600SA Holdings offers a wide variety of specialised models to choose from, whether you need a viable loading device on your transportation trucks or you simply need a knuckle boom with which you can do various lifting jobs. Knuckle-boom mobile cranes are easy to set up and transport, as they have the ability to completely fold into themselves and make for compact transportation when not mounted onto the back of a truck. These knuckle-boom cranes can also lift very impressive weights, delivering on both versatility and strength to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With the list of benefits sounding more impressive by the minute, knuckle-boom cranes furthermore offer viable crane-hire solutions for industrial and commercial companies in South Africa through 600SA Holdings, giving you the equipment to not only maximise work efficiency, but also save precious time when using these mobile cranes in your work environment. Today, we will cover a portion of our selection of crane-hire solutions in South Africa, demonstrating the abilities of a knuckle-boom crane and how specialised models can be used for forestry and recycling projects.


Penz Crane Hire Solutions

Penz Cranes offers four ranges of lifting equipment that are specifically designed for the forestry and recycling industries. Having to load carrier trucks in these lines of industry requires an effective loader that can handle these loads without damaging the logs or destroying recyclable materials in the process. With the addition of a Penz truck-mounted knuckle-boom crane on the carrier truck, you will not only obviate the need for an additional vehicle or piece of lifting equipment, but also have the freedom to easily load and unload your carrier trucks wherever they happen to be, adding versatility and ease of access to the equation for these trucks to efficiently carry out their duties and provide more functionality than they would normally be capable of.

Our selection of Penz lifting equipment includes the LR and ZR ranges, specifically built to deal with recycling tasks. With overall lifting capacities ranging from 990 to 2920 kg, the LR and ZR ranges offer more than enough models for you to find the ideal one for your work environment, meeting your requirements and serving as a prime example of how 600SA Holdings can provide viable crane-hire solutions in South Africa. Penz also offers the L and Z ranges, focusing on mobile cranes that can handle the demanding forestry industry. These knuckle-boom models are built for handling various sizes of logs, allowing your carrier truck to simply stop and pick up a load without having to use of another piece of lifting equipment to do it.

600SA Holdings offers a variety of viable crane-hire solutions in South Africa, as well as a wide variety of other lifting equipment to choose from. For more information, browse our website for detailed specifications on these models or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose 600SA Holdings today and take advantage of our wide selection of lifting equipment solutions for your industry.