Crane Hire Solutions

Crane Hire Solutions from 600SA

Truck-mounted cranes add a whole new dynamic to commercial and industrial trucks. For flatbed models, such cranes can be used to easily load and unload heavy pallets or even vehicles. For transportation trucks with loading bays, these cranes are useful as well – they eliminate the need for a secondary vehicle or piece of lifting equipment to take care of the loading process. 600SA Holdings supplies these truck-mounted cranes in South Africa. We also offer crane-hire solutions to suit our clients’ requirements.

Our wide range of truck-mounted mobile cranes includes brands such as Penz Crane and Fassi. Penz Crane manufactures cranes aimed at specific applications in certain industries. These industries are recycling and forestry. Fassi has a more versatile approach. Their cranes are not optimised for one specific function, which makes them good all-round choices for the commercial and industrial sectors. Today, we will have a look at some of Penz Crane’s models. These cranes deliver optimal performance within their work environments and they are bound to make a difference loading and transporting goods for your business too.


Penz Crane Hire

600SA Holdings offers feasible crane-hire solutions for your business in daily operations. If you operate in the recycling sector, the 4ZR is an ideal crane. This truck-mounted mobile crane is compact and has a knuckle-boom design. The design allows the crane to fold up and extend from a single pivot point. This also reduces the overall weight of the crane, so the addition of the crane to your vehicle will have little noticeable effect on its balance or driving feel.

The 4ZR is one of the smaller options in its range. This truck-mounted crane has a rated lifting capacity of 990 to 1040 kg. It also has a 380˚ rotation for a big work radius. The rotation allows for excellent reach while the truck is stationary. The 4ZR can achieve a maximum outreach of 6 to 7 m. This provides for ample workspace for picking up and loading from a stationary position. The 4ZR is a sound choice for recycling trucks that carry recyclable materials to plants or dumpsites. If you need a bigger crane, we have several other options to choose from as well.

The forestry sector is large and very active in South Africa. Penz Crane offers two timber ranges that are specifically designed for forestry applications. The 5L is a light-duty truck-mounted crane that can handle smaller logs with ease. This crane also features a knuckle-boom design to ensure ease of use and structural strength when lifting. The 5L has a 420˚ rotation and a maximum outreach of 7,7 m. This gives the 5L a handy work radius from the rear of a stationary truck. It also makes for an ideal candidate for crane hire. The L class offers larger options as well, so you will easily find the crane that suits your requirements best.

600SA Holdings offers practical crane-hire solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Our website has all the detailed information on these truck-mounted mobile cranes. You can also contact us with your questions. Choose 600SA Holdings today and enjoy a fine selection of knuckle-boom cranes for your business.