Crane Truck for Sale

Truck-Mounted Cranes for Sale

The concept of truck-mounted cranes is fairly new in comparison to other crane concepts. Stationary counterbalanced cranes have been around since the dawn of modern civilisation. They were used to construct large structures, as the crane concept enabled the builders to lift large and heavy building blocks to the desired heights. The modern crane offers something different than just stationary lifting power. Truck-mounted cranes are versatile, compact, and very effective. If you are looking for proper lifting equipment, 600SA Holdings offers a myriad of truck-mounted cranes for sale.

These cranes are easily mountable on the back of your trucks. They can be used as hook lifts, construction cranes, and flat-bed loaders, to only name a few possible functions. We also feature ranges for recycling and forestry applications specifically; Penz Crane manufactures these specialised cranes. Fassi produces more versatile options, offering light-, medium-, and heavy-duty models to suit your every need. Today, we will touch on some of the viable options for specific industries from the exhaustive range of truck-mounted cranes we have for sale.


Versatile and Capable Lifting Equipment

When you mount a crane onto the back of a truck, you want a piece of lifting equipment that can get to work immediately. Knuckle-boom cranes deliver on a wide range of requirements. First, they offer compact transportation. These cranes can easily be mounted and dismounted from the back of a truck. They fold into themselves for compact transportation, whether they are mounted or simply transported to a destination. Second, these cranes will not greatly affect the truck’s handling or balance, because they are light. Therefore, you can have your knuckle boom mounted on the back of your truck without a worry.

If you are in the recycling or forestry business, our range of Penz Crane models is ideal for your business. Both timber ranges are designed to handle logs for easy pick-up and transportation. We also offer two recycling ranges that can make the task of sorting and loading recycling trucks much easier. With specialised designs working to your advantage, these knuckle booms can enhance your fleet of trucks. Now, you only need to drive your truck to the pickup destination and load the bay without needing a secondary vehicle. Your business saves a money and the process of loading is done faster.

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to Fassi’s selection of knuckle-boom cranes. 600SA Holdings offers three ranges of Fassi truck-mounted cranes for sale. These cranes are capable and ready for almost any work environment. Fassi’s cranes can be used as hook lifts, mobile construction cranes, and flat-bed loaders, to only scrape the surface of their endless versatility. If you run a fleet of heavy-duty trucks, our selection of heavy-duty knuckle-boom cranes can bring a new dynamic to your fleet.

600SA Holdings offers a variety of quality lifting equipment for sale. If you want a crane truck, simply peruse our website to locate an appropriate truck-mounted crane from the ones we have for sale. You will also find specifications and documentation on these crane models on our website. Let 600SA be your supplier of versatile lifting equipment that you can mount on your truck.