Crane Truck Rentals

Crane Truck Rentals from 600SA Holdings

Crane-truck rentals are a great way to get your hands of loader vehicles for different purposes. These vehicles are used to lift and transport all manner of loads; these can vary from pallets laden with construction materials to vehicles. We offer a selection of different knuckle booms that can be mounted on the rear of these vehicles. With our all-encompassing selection, you will be able to easily pick the right boom to get the job done in double time. Regardless of the application, we will be able to supply a boom that suits the requirements.

Knuckle booms are different in comparison to lattice booms and conventional pendulum cranes. These truck-mounted booms are specifically designed to be mounted and used on a large vehicle. With rentals being a cost-effective option, your business gets to test them out to experience their utility value before committing to buy them for daily use on your vehicles. The design of these booms allows free movement from a single pivot point, which is the base of the boom. From here, the boom can rotate, extend, and retract for controlled lift and load functionality.

How A Knuckle Boom Works

crane trucksA truck-mounted crane enhances the functions of the vehicle on which it is mounted. Normally, these booms are mounted on the back of loader and transporter vehicles. The knuckle boom can be used to either pick up and load or to tow. Rentals of such booms are a good idea if you only need one for a single job. We offer a selection of leading brands that include Fassi and Penz. Both are leading manufacturers of knuckle booms. They build quality products from superior metals to ensure durability and toughness.

Fassi has a universal approach to truck-mounted cranes. Their ranges are split into capacity ratings rather than functionality for specific industries. Focusing on versatility, their knuckle booms can accept various attachments to perform different tasks. We offer light-, medium-, and heavy-duty ranges and our rentals also represent a sensible selection for your business. These booms range from small and compact versions that can handle light loads to bulky and robust versions that are made for heavy-lifting purposes.

If you want rentals that cater to the needs of the recycling or forestry sectors, our selection of Penz truck-mounted cranes might be just what you have been looking for. Penz focuses on making knuckle booms that are ideal for specific industries. Their L and Z ranges are lifting equipment for forestry that can handle and load logs. Their LR and ZR ranges are designed to pick up recyclable waste and load it into waste containers. These booms have claws to handle these materials. What is more, you will not need an additional vehicle to load these materials for transportation.

600SA Holdings is your first choice when it comes to rentals of crane trucks in Gauteng. For more information on how we can assist your business, please browse our website for specifications on our available products and services. Choose us today for quality lifting equipment and never look back. We also offer industrial waste-management solutions with the appropriate vehicles and equipment.