Crane Trucks for Sale in South Africa

Crane trucks are used for a variety of applications in South Africa. Whether it is towing large and awkwardly shaped vehicles or loading a flatbed with pallets, these trucks are useful in many applications. Mostly, a crane truck would simply be a normal transportation truck fitted with a truck-mounted crane on the rear. If you are looking for truck-mounted cranes for sale in South Africa, 600SA Holdings can be of service. We supply an extensive range of knuckle-boom models from Penz Crane and Fassi that can turn your trucks into crane trucks.

Mobile lifting equipment makes a simple transportation truck much more versatile. Without a truck-mounted crane on the rear of the truck, another piece of lifting equipment is required to load and unload the truck. This requires costly extra resources. Adding a knuckle boom on the rear of the truck transforms a regular transportation truck into a crane truck. With a flatbed truck, this addition is very useful and adds immeasurably to the versatility of the truck. Luckily, 600SA has a variety of knuckle booms for sale in South Africa.


From Regular Truck to Crane Truck

Flatbed trucks are ideal for transportation purposes. The flat load bed allows for almost anything to be loaded and transported without a problem. Thus, these trucks make for ideal crane-truck candidates, and knuckle-boom mobile cranes are ideal for mounting on the rear of such trucks. The design allows the crane to fold into itself for compact transportation while on the move. It also reduces the space taken up while not in use.

We offer an exhaustive range of Fassi’s truck-mounted cranes for sale in South Africa. Crane trucks benefit from having a Fassi knuckle boom fitted, as the brand delivers both quality and durability. Our selection starts with the light-duty range, offering solutions for a plethora of applications. The light-duty range offers useful options for crane trucks in need of a fast and effective way of loading and unloading light material stacks and pallets. These knuckle booms are also ideal for commercial use. With versatility on your side, it makes sense to fit a Fassi knuckle boom on your crane truck.

We also sell a selection of Penz Crane models for specific applications. Crane trucks in South Africa are commonly used for industrial purposes and if you are looking for a viable solution for recycling or forestry applications, Penz Crane holds the answer. Our selection includes two forestry ranges and two recycling ranges to choose from. These truck-mounted cranes that we offer for sale in South Africa are specifically designed for these respective industries. Therefore, they will deliver the functionality to suit their intended work environment, optimising the performance of your crane trucks. As a result, you can have the peace of mind that you will be able to find an ideal truck-mounted crane for your crane truck at 600SA Holdings.

Optimise your crane truck today with the selection of truck-mounted cranes we offer for sale in South Africa. We also offer a range of industrial cleaning and waste management solutions for your business. Please contact us today with any enquiries and let us take your business to a new level of productivity.