Cranes for Construction

Knuckle-Boom Cranes for Construction Trucks

The construction industry is very demanding and requires businesses to be on top of their logistics and materials handling. Warehouses stock huge numbers of pallets packed with building materials, usually consisting of bricks, concrete blocks, and the like. These pallets must be transported to worksites as quickly and efficiently as possible, without the risk of damage. To achieve this, these companies use flatbed loader trucks and various types of cranes to load the pallets onto the flatbeds for transportation. Normally, forklifts assist in this process at the warehouse.

Loading such a truck seems easy with the assistance of a fleet of forklifts that can load a lot of pallets simultaneously. However, this is not the case once the site is reached, except if there is a fleet of forklifts present on site, which is usually not the case. This is where our selection of knuckle-boom cranes come into the picture. Although they differ from lattice booms (which are used on mobile construction vehicles), they can serve a useful purpose on your loader trucks. Today, we will highlight the advantages of a truck-mounted crane and how it can be used for various purposes.

Compact Yet Capable

Mobile cranes for construction purposes are heavy and have lattice booms and crawler tracks to conquer all manner of terrain. These vehicles lift pallets laden with building materials to desired heights. A lattice boom is designed to have ample vertical reach, which makes it a perfect on-site solution. These booms can lift a pallet to a first- or second-floor platform for easier access. However, a knuckle boom works differently due to its unique design. Its name derives from the mechanical joints between the sections to allow it to extend its reach.

These booms pivot from their bases, where they are mounted to the truck. The boom can extend and retract in the same manner as a human finger. A pallet laden with construction materials is lifted from the top, at which point the crane can retract and rotate to load the pallet onto the truck, which is normally a flatbed, as previously mentioned. This process is then repeated to unload the pallet at the construction site, removing the need to have additional lifting equipment.

Fassi is one of our featured brands and they offer an extensive selection of knuckle booms for almost any industry. The light- and medium-duty ranges are ideal for construction purposes, as they can also be used to clear debris from a worksite. When fully retracted, they are compact and easy to transport. You can keep the boom mounted on the truck while driving, as it barely increases the height or width of your truck when retracted – and it doesn’t even weigh very much. As a result, you have a sensible choice in a truck-mounted crane in the construction industry.

600SA Holdings is your first choice when it comes to truck-mounted cranes for businesses in the industrial sector. We have a viable solution for your loader and transport trucks. Please browse our website for specifications to find for the right cranes for your trucks. Let us elevate the productivity of your truck fleet with quality knuckle booms today.