Cranes for Sale in South Africa

We Sell Cranes in South Africa

Industrial cranes have many uses in today’s market. Originally, cranes were intended for the construction industry. The counterbalanced pivot concept still works the way it always has in a crane and tower cranes still use this method to achieve lift for construction purposes. However, mobile cranes are also popular. These cranes commonly use lattice-boom or knuckle-boom designs to achieve lift. 600SA Holdings offers a wide variety of knuckle-boom cranes for sale in South Africa. Our selection covers a spectrum of applications as well.

Lattice-boom cranes use straight sections that extend and retract on a single axis. Therefore, the boom does not bend, but remains straight. In a sense, this limits its versatility somewhat compared to a knuckle-boom crane, but it makes up for it in its precise control. Knuckle-boom cranes are designed in the same way a finger works, hence the name. The sections on a knuckle boom are attached in such a manner that the crane can fold into itself. It also allows the crane to extend and have a wide operating radius from a stationary position. Today, we will cover the selection of Fassi truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes that we offer for sale in South Africa.


Versatility and Mobility Combined

Truck-mounted cranes are some of the most versatile and mobile type of cranes. Not only can they be mounted on a variety of trucks, but they can be used in many applications. This is where Fassi’s range of truck-mounted cranes offer viable industrial and commercial solutions. Our selection starts with the light-duty range of knuckle-boom cranes from Fassi. This range offers seven models, with the F110A being the largest in the range.

The F110A has a rated load capacity of up to 11,2 tm. The maximum reach of this crane is 16,5 m, giving you a big operating radius from a stationary position. These models are ideal for a variety of applications, whether it is on the construction site or for loading purposes. Fassi’s range of medium-duty cranes that are for sale in South Africa takes the functionality up a notch. Not only do these cranes feature more strength, but also longer reach. This range has eight models, with the F335A at the top.

This crane can handle a mass of 31,7 tm. It has a total reach of 26,7 m to give it an impressive operating radius. The cranes in this range are ideal for mounting on double- or triple-axle trucks. With a selection of additional accessories, the medium-duty range offers optimal flexibility to adapt to a variety of work environments. As a result, these cranes can assist your business in almost any task fit for mobile lifting equipment. We also offer Fassi’s heavy-duty range of truck-mounted cranes for sale in South Africa with a selection of big cranes for the industrial and commercial industries.

600SA Holdings is your go-to choice in South Africa regarding mobile cranes. We feature an extensive selection of brands and models that are for sale, making life easy for businesses in need of quality mobile cranes. For more information, feel free to browse our website for listed specifications.