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Truck-Mounted Cranes for Sale for Your Business

Many industrial businesses in South Africa utilise a truck fleet to get various tasks done. Most of these tasks usually involve loading and transporting various goods. When loading a flatbed truck, using a secondary loading vehicle such as a forklift is common practice. This means that a secondary vehicle must always be on standby when the truck is destined to pick up or deliver a load. When operating from a storage facility or current worksite, you can expect these vehicles to be available. However, if you want a different solution, we offer a wide selection of truck-mounted mobile cranes for sale in South Africa.

medium-duty cranesIndustrial mobile lifting equipment are commonly used for construction purposes. Such machines feature lattice booms that are ideal for linear lifting functions. Lattice booms can also extend and retract thanks to multiple sections that form part of the boom. However, such a boom is large and not very flexible as a truck-mounted option. Therefore, we offer a selection of knuckle boom cranes that can be mounted onto your transporter trucks to assist loading heavy goods onto the flatbed.

The Selection of Cranes We Have for Sale

Knuckle boom cranes are unlike any conventional counterbalanced lifting equipment that pivots weight on both ends. This unique design features multiple sections on the boom that are joined together using mechanical joints that function as knuckles to allow more free movement of the boom itself. A lattice boom can only extend linearly, while a knuckle boom extends and retracts in the same manner as a human finger. This allows it more versatility, opening a wider area of applications. We offer an extensive selection of these booms for sale, covering major brands and manufacturers in this domain.

Penz Crane delivers speciality truck-mounted knuckle booms that are specifically designed for the forestry and recycling industries. These knuckle booms can assist in picking up and transporting small logs or recyclable materials with ease. Therefore, you will no longer need an additional vehicle or piece of lifting equipment to load your truck or carriers. Simply park the truck next to the materials that need loading and transporting and engage the knuckle boom that is already mounted on it. If you are looking for universal models, we also have them for sale.

Fassi is a leading manufacturer of universal knuckle-boom cranes that can be used for a variety of applications, industrial or commercial. Their range of products that we have for sale covers light-, medium-, and heavy-duty options. If you want a knuckle boom that can be mounted onto your flatbed and sit compactly stowed when the truck is on the road, a Fassi model is your solution. Since a knuckle boom is very compact once fully retracted, you can leave it mounted permanently.

Deadlifting is a technique where very heavy objects are lifted vertically from above by cranes. Since vertical lifting is so efficient, deadlifting is commonly used when loading large or heavy objects onto a flatbed. The knuckle-boom design allows for deadlifting as well, making quick work of loading pallets and vehicles. This boom can also rotate, which dramatically increases its functionality and reach from a stationary position. Towing is also an option with this boom, especially when the boom is mounted between the cabin and flatbed of the truck. Regardless of which type of knuckle boom you need, we have a suitable solution for sale.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes in South Africa. We also offer other industrial solutions for sale, including cleaning machinery and industrial rechargeable batteries. For more information on our available machines, consult our website. Choose us today and elevate your business to new heights with the cranes we offer for sale.