Fassi Crane Dealers

We Supply Fassi Cranes for Your Business

Mobile cranes are useful pieces of lifting equipment for various industries. They are available in different variants to cater to different needs and if you are looking for dealers that can supply you with the truck-mounted type, 600SA Holdings offers complete ranges from Fassi and Penz. Our extensive selection ensures that you can acquire the perfect crane for your fleet, saving you valuable time and money in the long run, along with extending the functionality of your flatbeds and loader trucks.

A common issue with a flatbed truck is that it requires another vehicle or crane to load it. With a truck-mounted knuckle boom from Fassi, you will extend its functionality to allow the truck to load and unload itself. This knuckle boom can be used in a variety of configurations as well. As dealers in this brand in South Africa, we offer three ranges to choose from. So, whether you want a light-duty version for fast and easy pickups, a medium-duty version for construction and towing, or a heavy-duty version for extreme lifting, we have you covered.

A Fassi for Your Loader

Flatbed trucks are commonly used to transport pallets, vehicles, or similar loads. Loader trucks commonly have a rack, tipper, or other configuration installed on the rear of the vehicle. All these types of trucks can benefit from a Fassi crane being mounted onto the rear to do the loading and unloading. We are dealers in truck-mounted knuckle booms and we can suggest the ideal option for your business. Regardless of the type of business you find yourself in, these knuckle booms can dramatically improve the functionality of your truck fleet.

Our selection of Fassi truck-mounted cranes is available in three ranges. The light-duty range is ideal for smaller tasks and these knuckle booms can deliver fast turnaround on pick-ups and deliveries. They are also very compact when retracted, so they will hardly be noticed during transport, yet the largest model in this range can handle a total mass of 11,2 t. As dealers, we also offer a medium-duty range of truck-mounted cranes that is more suitable for industrial-duty applications. They can be feasible for construction, vehicle transport, and many other functions. The largest model in this range has a rated total mass capacity of 31,7 t.

If you need even more, Fassi delivers truck-mounted cranes that can achieve even more impressive lifting feats. Their heavy-duty range is designed to deliver solutions for large loader trucks. We are dealers that offer a wide selection of knuckle-boom cranes to suit the requirements of your business and our heavy-duty range covers booms that can lift up to 137,5 t from the largest available boom in the range, the F1950RA. You are assured that our selection will have the right choice for your business, regardless of how much weight you need to lift and transport.

600SA Holdings is your dealer in Fassi truck-mounted cranes in South Africa. For more information on how we can supply your business with a knuckle boom, feel free to browse our website for details. Choose us as your supplier of industrial lifting equipment today.