Fassi Crane for Sale

We Offer Fassi Cranes for Sale

Mobile cranes are essential for industry to thrive. In terms of lifting equipment, businesses usually require quite a number of these machines in their fleet. For warehouse and storage purposes, forklifts and pallet trucks are ideal, and most of these machines are powered by batteries in indoor applications. They can also handle goods pallets being delivered on flat-bed trucks. Mobile cranes and forklifts are usually used in tandem to unload these trucks. This is where Fassi cranes come into the picture.

600SA Holdings offers an all-inclusive range of Fassi cranes for sale to our clients. These cranes are truck-mounted knuckle booms that add a lifting function to your trucks. Knuckle-boom cranes are versatile and much more compact than lattice-boom cranes. With the ability to fold in on itself, such a truck-mounted boom is compact and light enough to be a permanent fixture on the back of your truck. Today, we will have a look at some of the largest and most impressive machinery for sale from Fassi.


Fassi Heavy-Duty Cranes

Within the industrial sector, heavy-duty lifting equipment must be able to lift massive loads. Apart from the light- and medium-duty ranges that 600SA offers for sale, we also have all the biggest models for the industries in need of strong lifting power. Fassi’s heavy-duty range delivers exceptional performance to make these knuckle booms stand out from their competitors. By offering a compact design that reduces the physical footprint of the crane, these models add welcome versatility to any carrier truck. The range kicks off with the F385A.

The F385A can handle a total mass of 37,55 t in lifting capacity. It also has a total reach of 28,65 m to grant this crane a wide field of reach from a stationary position. These cranes are manufactured using a very strong grade of steel. Using such a material allows for a compact design that is more than strong enough for the job. The knuckle-boom design adds immeasurably to the control and reach of the crane, yet the efficient design is pleasingly compact and relatively light.

The heavy-duty range from Fassi features 11 models that start with the F385A, but the largest crane in this range that 600SA has for sale is the F1950RA. This knuckle boom is exceptional in every respect and its specifications make for impressive reading. It can lift a total mass of 137,5 t, which is a very impressive number for a mobile crane. It also has a total reach of 30,95 m that enables it to cover a large operating area from a stationary position. The cranes in this heavy-duty range are specially designed to handle the most strenuous of lifting tasks. The industrial sector is very demanding in terms of lifting equipment and Fassi’s selection of truck-mounted knuckle booms can offer the solutions.

We offer an extensive selection of Fassi cranes to choose from. The cranes that we have for sale are bound to take your truck fleet to new heights in terms of its functionality and efficiency. For more details on the Fassi cranes we offer for sale, please contact us directly with any questions. Choose 600SA Holdings today for all your industrial lifting-equipment needs.