Fassi Crane Hire

Mobile cranes are designed to perform specific lifting jobs. Truck-mounted cranes serve as a great example, offering a practical way to add lifting functionality to a transportation truck. These cranes are also purpose-built and designed to excel at specific jobs. However, Fassi brings a new dynamic to the world of knuckle-boom cranes. This manufacturer designs and produces truck-mounted knuckle booms that can handle almost any type of lifting job that you may have. At 600SA Holdings, you can now also find these cranes for hire.

Fassi is a leading manufacturer of cranes and their cranes can be used in a variety of truck-mounted applications. Whether it is vehicle transportation or simply loading a carrier truck, these knuckle booms are made to fulfil a variety of functions. Therefore, they are some of the most versatile mobile cranes that you can use in your daily work. Fassi offers an impressive selection of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty truck-mounted knuckle booms to choose from. Today, we will focus on their light-duty range and the functions that these cranes can add to your fleet of trucks.


Fassi Light-Duty Mobile Cranes

600SA Holdings has a simple and practical approach to crane hire with our comprehensive range of Fassi lifting equipment. The light-duty range is ideal for basic lifting applications. The cranes in this range can handle a total mass of up to 11,2 t, which is an impressive number for a light-duty crane. However, the industrial sector is very demanding when it comes to lifting equipment, so if you demand more, rest assured that Fassi also has a range of medium- and heavy-duty models. But today, we will have a look at one of their light-duty knuckle booms that can handle a wide variety of lifting tasks.

With only small differences between the Active and E-Active models, the F80A offers a complete package in terms of truck-mounted knuckle booms. The Active features a Hydrocontrol segmented distributor bank, while the E-Active has a digital distributor bank with a radio remote-control unit. The maximum lifting capacity is rated at 8,3 t, with a maximum outreach of 12,3 m with a jib extension. As a result, the F80A is an ideal candidate for tow trucks, pallet transportation, and similar flat-bed applications. Its rack-and-pinion system with 370-degree rotation affords the crane excellent manoeuvrability, making it a logical choice to hire.

The F80A offers as standard a variety of features. These include Fassi’s FX500 electronic control system. This system works in synergy with the Fassi stability-control system to grant optimal control over this knuckle boom. Ultra-high strength steel is used in the construction of this mobile crane, with as few as possible weld points to add to its overall strength. A knuckle-boom design allows the crane to fold in on itself so that it is compactly stowed away while travelling. This design affords the F80A even more versatility, giving you a Fassi crane that can keep up with the best in its class.

600SA Holdings offers viable solutions in terms of Fassi crane hire for your business. Feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications on these knuckle booms and contact us directly with any enquiries about our cranes or crane-hire options.