Fassi Cranes

Universal Truck-Mounted Fassi Cranes for Your Fleet

Flatbed trucks are used to transport a wide variety of objects such as cars, pallets, and heavy industrial equipment. The biggest issue with these trucks is that they always need an additional piece of lifting equipment to load and unload them. For pallets, forklifts are commonly used to load the bed from both sides. Cranes are also feasible options to place a car or other heavy item(s) on the bed of a truck. However, this means that the flatbed is always reliant on such machines to do their job. Luckily, Fassi has a solution for this problem.

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Cranes come in a variety of designs, each for a specific application. Although the different designs have created a wider spectrum of uses, this can limit the versatility of a single unit. Therefore, Fassi delivers a selection of versatile truck-mounted booms that can be used for a variety of lifting purposes. Truck-mounted booms are usually lattice booms and are typically used for construction purposes. However, they feature a knuckle-boom design that allows for more versatile movement and compact storage while mounted.

The Possibilities of A Truck-Mounted Knuckle Boom

Fassi’s selection of truck-mounted cranes is aimed at universal lifting applications. A knuckle boom gets its name from the sections of the boom being linked with mechanical knuckles to allow for its unique movement and lift functions. Such a boom is mounted at its base, which enables it to rotate. The boom extends and retracts its reach in the same way a human finger is extended and retracted. Therefore, while being mounted, the boom can completely retract for a compact storage solution while the flatbed is driving.

Since this crane is mounted at its base, it can perform various types of lifts. Deadlifting is something that a regular lattice boom struggles with; this is because of the boom being lateral, which can cause it to bend and even fail when dealing with heavy loads. A knuckle boom can lift from the top of a heavy object, which gives it more control over the lift. With its ability to rotate, it only needs to lift to the desired height before the operator can rotate the boom and place the object on the flatbed. This function is what sets Fassi’s models apart from some other lattice booms.

Another way that a knuckle boom can be used is to tow vehicles. Since this type of boom has such a unique and effective way of extending, it can straighten itself out to create a strong and reliable towbar replacement. Therefore, if you have one of these cranes mounted between the flatbed and the cab of a truck, it can be attached to the front of a vehicle for towing purposes. Fassi offers light-, medium-, and heavy-duty models with a spectrum of load capacities to ensure that you can pick the ideal one for your trucks.

Finally, while retracted, these knuckle booms can stay compactly mounted on the rear of a truck and will hardly be noticed while driving because it only takes up a little space once fully retracted. By being mounted only at its base, the sections can retract into a small space without affecting the dimensions of the vehicle. Therefore, you can leave your Fassi cranes on your trucks when they are not being used. In conclusion, the benefits of these knuckle booms can work in your favour when you have flatbeds transporting your goods.

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