Fassi Cranes for Sale in South Africa

We Sell Fassi Cranes in South Africa

Cranes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes in South Africa. Regardless of which type you want, there will be a dealer that has a range of them for sale. Various brands are available, giving you a wide choice. Brand conviction drives sales for specific brands and Fassi is one such a world-renowned brand. And if you are looking for a local supplier that offers a variety of truck-mounted knuckle booms, look no further than 600SA Holdings. Our selection covers most capacity ratings to ensure that you can get the ideal knuckle boom for your requirements.

Mobile cranes are useful pieces of lifting equipment for both the industrial and commercial sectors. A truck-mounted knuckle boom might not be quite as high up the pecking order as a stand-alone vehicle, but when mounted onto the rear of a loader or flatbed, it can be indispensable. It can be used for a variety of applications as well. Towing heavy vehicles such as ambulances or fire trucks, for instance, would normally require the strength of a medium- to heavy-duty machine. The range of Fassi cranes that we offer for sale in South Africa can deliver the solution for such a situation.

Making the Most of Your Flatbeds and Loaders

Fassi is an instantly recognisable brand worldwide that delivers solutions in terms of knuckle-boom truck-mounted cranes. These are designed to be mounted at the base of the boom, from where they generate their lifting power. A knuckle boom features multiple sections that are connected with mechanical joints. The result is a machine that greatly extends the functionality of a flatbed or loader truck. These booms can be mounted on the rear of the truck or between the cabin and the bed for different applications. We offer various capacities for sale in South Africa to ensure that you have a wide selection to choose from for your business.

We feature three ranges of Fassi cranes, starting with the light-duty range. This range comprises seven models, varying in maximum load capacity. Ideal for material handling and clearing sites, these light-duty knuckle booms can lift a total mass of up to 11,2 t on the largest available model for sale in South Africa, the F110A. These knuckle booms are becoming more popular and they can add lifting functionality to a flatbed to avoid the need for a forklift or on-site crane to load the truck.

If you need larger options, we also have medium- and heavy-duty ranges for sale from Fassi. As an established supplier in South Africa, we cover all the bases to ensure that your business can benefit from modern truck-mounted knuckle-boom technology. The medium-duty range offers sensible options for construction, earthmoving, and similar applications and the heavy-duty range offers large knuckle-boom cranes that can lift up to 137,5 t – an impressive capacity.

600SA Holdings offers an all-inclusive selection of Fassi cranes for sale in South Africa. For more information on these knuckle booms, please browse our website for specifications. Choose us as your supplier of industrial and commercial lifting equipment and benefit from our versatile and reliable equipment.