Fassi Cranes

Fassi Cranes for Your Business

Truck-mounted cranes are versatile and effective for either temporary or permanent use. This crane type can be used in a variety of applications, including forestry, recycling, construction, and transportation. With the crane being mountable on the rear of a truck, it can also be dismounted and transported separately. It can even be transferred to another truck, making this type of crane not only mobile, but extremely versatile. Usually, versatility comes at a cost, but this is not the case with affordable Fassi truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes.

Fassi manufactures truck-mounted cranes for almost any requirement. Using the knuckle-boom design, these cranes can extend to their full length and retract into themselves for compact transportation. Fassi cranes are available from 600SA Holdings and we offer complete light-, medium-, and heavy-duty ranges to deliver the exact model for your requirements. Whether you need a loading crane or a towing crane on the back of your truck, Fassi has what you need to take your daily operations to the next level.


The Fassi Difference

600SA Holdings is a supplier of a wide selection of lifting equipment for both industrial and commercial applications. Our range of Fassi cranes serves as an ideal example of versatile lifting equipment that can be used in a myriad of work environments. These truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes are ideal for mounting onto the rear of a truck to extend its overall functionality. For loading purposes, Fassi cranes can easily provide an easy way to load a truck without needing additional equipment or vehicles. For transportation purposes, these cranes can act as hook lifts to tow heavy vehicles with ease.

All that remains is finding the ideal size to go onto the rear of your truck. Our range of Fassi cranes starts with the light-duty series. This series offers seven sizes to choose from and is ideal for any light-duty implementation. The largest model in this series can handle a maximum load capacity of 11,2 t total mass. Should that not be enough, the medium-duty range offers even more options. The largest model in the series is the F335A, capable of handling a total mass of 31,7 t.

Fassi cranes also include a heavy-duty range. When working with the biggest loads, it is necessary to have suitable lifting equipment to do the job without breaking a sweat. This is exactly what you will find in Fassi’s heavy-duty range of knuckle-boom cranes. With an impressive selection of 11 different sizes and capacities, you are bound to find the ideal model for your needs. The largest model in this range is the F1950RA. This knuckle boom offers an incredibly high load capacity of 137,5 t and an equally impressive maximum outreach of 30,95 m. As a result, our selection of Fassi cranes can be the solution for your business too.

We are a proud supplier of Fassi cranes in South Africa. For more information on these truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes, feel free to peruse our website for details and documentation on specific models. Choose 600SA Holdings today and let our selection of Fassi cranes do the heavy lifting in your business.