Forwarder and Harvester Cranes

Quality Truck-Mounted Forestry Equipment Like Forwarder and Harvester Cranes

Forestry falls under the umbrella of the industrial sector. This industry focuses on producing useable wood and maintaining a natural balance in the plantations. Cutting down trees must be balanced with planting new ones to ensure sustainability. This industry makes use of heavy-duty equipment to fell, delimb, and buck trees. We offer truck-mounted forwarder and harvester cranes to assist in these processes. They feature designs that are similar to knuckle booms.

A knuckle boom features different sections that are connected via mechanical joints to allow the boom to extend and retract in a similar way that a human finger would. Being mounted at the base, these booms are able to rotate and deadlift as well. Forwarder and harvester cranes are used once the felling process is complete. If you are in the forestry business and need some quality mountable cranes for your vehicles, we have you covered. Today, we will look at the processes in which these booms can be of used by your business.

Felling, Delimbing, and Bucking

cranab cranesThe felling process is where the trees in a plantation are cut down. Once they have been felled, the delimbing process can commence. This removes all the branches from the tree’s trunk to ensure that the bucking process can proceed smoothly. Once the delimbing process is complete, all that remains is the trunk of the tree. The bucking process is where the trunk is cut into easily transportable sizes before it is moved to a designated pick-up zone, which is commonly a roadside location. A harvester is used for the delimbing and bucking processes. A forwarder is used to transport the bucked logs to the pick-up zone.

Delimbing and bucking a large tree trunk can be difficult without the proper tools and equipment. Different types of trees offer different challenges as well. Pine trees are tall and have straight trunks for the most part. These trees deliver pine wood that is regularly used in many manufacturing purposes. To ensure that the trunk is properly delimbed and bucked without wasting any usable wood, you need harvesters with reliable cranes.

Once the trunk is bucked, the forwarder comes into play. Unlike a skidder, a forwarder transports logs by lifting them from the ground as opposed to dragging the logs. Although it is more eco-friendly to lift the logs when transporting them, it limits the size of the logs that can be transported. To ensure that the forwarders are up to the task, you need sturdy cranes that can handle the weight. Traversing a plantation with a loaded heavy-duty vehicle can be challenging as well; therefore, it is pivotal to use quality equipment that ensures safety. This also applies to the harvester to ensure that the logs are not damaged during delimbing and bucking.

600SA Holdings is your first choice for heavy-duty industrial lifting equipment. We offer a wide range of truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes that include options for forwarders and harvesters. For more information on how we can assist your business, please browse our website for specifications and digital brochures on our available equipment.