Heavy-Duty Cranes

Truck-Mounted Cranes That Can Lift Almost Anything

The construction sector sees the most use out of heavy-duty cranes. They are commonly used to lift and load heavy materials and pallets. With modern technology delivering breakthroughs in many aspects of modern life, the mobility of cranes has also been improved over the years. The lattice boom is an ideal example and is commonly mounted onto vehicles for a mobile solution. These booms feature various sections to allow for extension and retraction as well. However, they have their limitations.

Cranes mounted on vehicles are often lattice booms. These booms can rotate and extend at the operator’s demand once the vehicle is in an ideal location. However, they are not very compact when retracted. Therefore, we offer a complete selection of Fassi truck-mounted knuckle booms that are available for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty applications. A knuckle boom has a completely different design in comparison to a lattice boom. It is also a more versatile solution in most cases, as the boom can deadlift objects without getting in its own way.

Heavy-Duty Knuckle Booms

Knuckle-boom cranes consist of several sections that are connected via mechanical knuckles. The boom works in the same way that a finger moves, pivoting from the base where it is mounted. The base can also rotate, which extends the reach of the boom from a stationary position. Once completely retracted, the boom only takes up a small amount of space on the rear of a heavy-duty truck. These booms can be used for a myriad of applications as well. Normally, they work best on loader trucks that carry heavy loads.

By mounting a heavy-duty knuckle boom crane between the tractor unit and loading area of a large truck, you add a world of functionality to that vehicle. If the loading area can be tilted to allow for vehicles to be loaded, the boom is ideal for pulling the vehicle onto the bay. It can also be used to deadlift heavier objects such as boats and heavy pallets onto the rear of the truck. With the rotation function, operation of the boom is easy for the operator from a stationary location. The best part is that such a boom is very compact once retracted. Therefore, it can stay mounted while the truck drives to another location.

Fassi’s range of heavy-duty knuckle boom cranes consists of 11 options that scale in size and load-capacity ratings. The smallest of the range is the F385A. This knuckle boom can handle more than 37 t in capacity to ensure that medium- to heavy-duty functions can be achieved easily. The biggest option in this range brings us to the F1950RA. This boom can handle about four times the capacity of the F385A – 137,5 t. Therefore, you have the power to lift almost anything with it.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of truck-mounted heavy-duty knuckle-boom cranes. We also have a wide selection of light- and medium-duty options, including specific ranges for recycling and forestry. For more information on how we can supply your business with quality lifting equipment, please browse our website for details.