Heavy Lifting and Loading Equipment

Truck-Mounted Equipment for Lifting and Loading

Many industrial businesses use flatbed trucks for a wide range of applications. In most cases, these vehicles are used for loading things. However, they need a second vehicle or piece of equipment to do the actual lifting and loading, so dedicated warehouse lifting equipment is normally used to put heavy pallets on the rear of these vehicles. Forklifts typically drive up to such a vehicle and lift the pallet onto the flatbed. This means you need two vehicles to do the job.

Our range of truck-mounted lifting equipment eliminates the need for a second vehicle by mounting a knuckle-boom crane right on the flatbed. This crane can either be between the cabin and flatbed or mounted at the rear of the flatbed. It can be also used as a loading tool for transporter trucks’ loading bays. Therefore, these versatile knuckle-boom cranes can make a big difference to the efficiency of these vehicles’ daily operations. They can also save your business money and time by obviating the need for an additional vehicle to assist.

Truck-Mounted Knuckle Booms

A knuckle-boom crane is uniquely designed and ideal for use as a truck-mounted piece of lifting and loading equipment. Its name refers to the function of the boom itself, as it has several sections for expanding the reach of the boom. These sections are connected with mechanical knuckles to allow the boom to function like a human finger. The base is mounted to the truck and can be rotated. This mounting point serves as the pivot for the boom, giving it freedom of movement and rotation. We offer everything from light- to heavy-duty units to choose from.

Penz Crane is a manufacturer of such truck-mounted knuckle booms, specifically for the forestry and recycling industries. These cranes are available with a number of specific attachments to allow them a better grip on logs, recyclable waste, or whatever they need to lift. Ideally used for loading purposes, this lifting equipment is ideal for businesses in these industries. Although not used for very heavy lifting, these cranes can take care of medium-duty jobs. So, if you need a way to pick up logs from a designated drop zone and transport them to a mill, they are a suitable option.

Fassi offers a holistic approach by offering their truck-mounted cranes in three ranges that consist of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty derivatives. Their light-duty range is best suited for light- to medium-duty lifting and loading. Featuring a knuckle-boom design, these cranes are very compact when fully retracted. Fassi’s medium- and heavy-duty equipment is versatile and adaptable to many different applications. As a result, these cranes can be very handy for both commercial or industrial businesses. If you have a flatbed truck that requires some assistance every time you wish to transport something with it, Fassi has the solution for you.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty lifting and loading equipment for your truck fleet. For more on our available ranges from Fassi and Penz, please peruse our website for specifications and brochures. Choose us today to meet your business’s lifting needs.