Heavy-Lifting Cranes for Sale

Heavy-Lifting Knuckle Booms for Sale for Your Truck Fleet

Various businesses in both the commercial and industrial sectors require heavy-lifting cranes to execute the job at hand. In most cases, such lifting equipment can be hard to come by. If you are looking for the right equipment for sale in this category, 600SA Holdings offers a variety that will suit your business’s needs. We offer a selection of high-capacity truck-mounted knuckle booms that can be mounted onto the back of a truck. These knuckle booms are specifically designed to offer exceptional mobility, adding versatility to your truck fleet.

Transporting and towing heavy vehicles require a specialised truck that can handle the load. However, it also requires a crane that can lift and hold the weight of such vehicles. Our selection covers crane ranges for forestry, recycling, and other light- and medium-duty applications. Fassi also offers a heavy-duty class of models aimed at maximising capacity and strength from a truck-mounted knuckle boom. These booms are for sale to customers looking for a solution to mobile lifting that does not require an additional vehicle. Today, we will focus on this range and how they can work to your benefit.

Fassi Heavy-Duty Knuckle Booms

A knuckle-boom crane can handle heavy loads thanks to its unique design that pivots at the base of the boom. This relieves the stress on the sections of the boom, making it able to lift heavy pallets, vehicles, and other loads. Fassi manufactures these knuckle booms to the highest standards, using the best materials. By delivering a boom that can withstand intense force when at maximum load, you are assured that these products are ideal for the job at hand. We offer 11 models for sale in this range that cover various load capacities.

Starting with the F385A, this Fassi model offers a heavy-lifting crane that can handle a total mass of 37,55 t. This knuckle boom can reach up to 28,65 m from a stationary position. With its base being the pivot, the boom can rotate as well. However, the most effective way to approach large loads is to avoid any sideways rotation or movement because this will add an additional plane of force that works in on the boom, which can be avoided by keeping the motion in a straight line.

Fassi’s heavy-lifting range of truck-mounted cranes scales upwards to the biggest one for sale, the F1950RA. This monstrous knuckle boom can handle a total mass of 127 t, which allows you to move huge loads. It is one of the biggest and most capable knuckle booms in our selection. With a maximum reach of up to 41,3 m, the F1950RA delivers on all fronts, combining a large reach with a massive load capacity. Recommended to be mounted onto heavy machinery, this crane will deliver lift as you have never experienced from a truck-mounted knuckle boom.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of heavy-lifting truck-mounted cranes. For details on the available ranges we offer for sale, please browse our website for specifications and digital brochures. Choose us as your supplier today and let us elevate you to new heights with quality equipment for your business.