Heavy Lifting Equipment in South Africa

Getting Serious About Heavy Lifting Equipment in South Africa

If you are run business in South Africa’s industrial sector and you are looking for a supplier of heavy lifting equipment, 600SA Holdings is the answer. Our wide variety of truck-mounted cranes is ideal for businesses that use large trucks for loading and transporting goods. We offer a selection of leading brands to choose from as well, with both specialised and universal ranges to cater to the needs of a diverse market. These cranes can also be used for commercial applications such as towing and transporting vehicles on flatbed trucks.

When heavy lifting equipment finally became mobile, it opened up a world of new possibilities for these machines. The construction industry makes use of mobile cranes because of their versatility. Towing services also benefit from these machines that make it so easy to load a vehicle onto a tow truck. Although most mobile-crane vehicles use lattice-boom cranes, our selection of truck-mounted cranes features a different design for optimal results. This innovative design ensures stability when in use and compact storage when retracted.

The Knuckle-Boom Crane

penz craneThe need for equipment that can perform heavy lifting led to the invention of the counterbalanced pendulum crane in ancient times. With modern technology and advanced materials, this concept has been refined and perfected. Lattice-boom cranes use sections that extend their reach from a stationary position. These sections can only extend in a linear plane, limiting the crane’s scope of movement. With the introduction of knuckle-boom cranes, this became a thing of the past. The selection of equipment that we offer for sale in South Africa includes a sensible selection of knuckle booms to enhance your truck fleet.

Penz Crane is a leading manufacturer of knuckle-boom cranes that are designed for specific industries. We stock four ranges of Penz’s specialised lifting equipment and they focus on the recycling and forestry industries. These knuckle booms may not be heavy lifters, but they get the job done in their respective fields. South Africa has a large forestry industry and these knuckle booms can ease the process of loading logs onto transporter trucks. By eliminating the need for another vehicle to transfer the logs from the ground to the loading bay of the truck, you save time (and, therefore, money) when you add a knuckle boom to your truck.

Fassi is another leading brand in the manufacture of truck-mounted knuckle booms. They offer universal cranes that are rated according to their lifting capacity. These knuckle booms are versatile and can adapt to various uses. We offer light-, medium-, and heavy-duty lifting equipment from the Fassi brand. Therefore, you can be sure that you will be able to find the ideal knuckle boom to suit your business applications. It can be challenging to find quality truck-mounted cranes in South Africa but with us as your supplier, you will always have a sensible selection to choose from.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of truck-mounted cranes in South Africa. Our selection of lifting equipment covers everything from light- to heavy-duty applications to ensure that your business can get the right cranes for the job. For more information, browse our website for specifications.