High-Quality Materials Handling Equipment

High-Quality Lifting-Equipment Solutions

The owner of any large industrial business will tell you how important high-quality materials-handling equipment is. This category of machines includes forklifts, pallet trucks, and any other types of equipment that is used to handle all manner of materials. Many businesses use loader trucks to transport their materials from their warehouse to the site and these trucks always require additional lifting equipment for the loading and unloading processes. However, 600SA Holdings offers an alternative solution for loader trucks with our selection of truck-mounted cranes.

Flatbed trucks need forklifts or mobile cranes to load and unload them, but with the addition of a knuckle boom crane on the rear of the vehicle, the truck can simply park next to the pallets and load them without the need for a secondary vehicle. Certain knuckle booms are designed for specific purposes and these high-quality booms deliver the necessary lifting functionality for their industries. Today, we will look at the benefits of adding a knuckle boom onto the rear of such a truck.

Knuckle Booms as Materials-Handling Equipment

High-quality lifting equipment is always a smart choice for industrial businesses. By adding a crane onto a loader truck, the vehicle acquires the ability to load and unload itself. This can save tremendous time during the loading and unloading phases. The additional crane also adds extra functionality to flatbed trucks that transport vehicles. Fassi has a complete range of knuckle booms to suit almost any job. These cranes are versatile and can be used for loading, tipping, and towing purposes. Fassi’s light-duty range caters to lifting and towing needs when mounted on the rear of a truck. They can be useful to clear sites of debris before construction too.

The medium-duty Fassi range of knuckle booms has excellent lifting capacity. Because these cranes can extend and retract, they offer a compact solution that can nonetheless extend to cover a wide work radius. They can be mounted directly behind the cabin of the truck to assist in lifting large or heavy objects onto the loading bed. The cranes are designed for heavy-duty lifting in both industrial and commercial applications. If you need a high-quality materials-handling solution that can complement your truck, this range holds the answers.

Penz Crane designs their knuckle booms with two markets in mind. Their recycling cranes offer an easy way to load waste and we offer two ranges for recycling purposes, giving you the assurance that you will be able to find a knuckle boom that suits your needs. We also offer two Penz timber ranges and these truck-mounted cranes are the ideal materials-handling equipment for forestry purposes. When you need to load logs onto your truck, these cranes can be just what you need to streamline save time and reduce costs. As you can see, truck-mounted cranes can be a great addition to your materials-handling fleet – and we have everything you need.

600SA Holdings specialises in high-quality industrial equipment for handling materials and lifting goods. For more information on them, please peruse our website for specifications and digital brochures. Let us elevate your business to new heights with our reliable lifting equipment.