Hook Lift

The Versatility of Hook Lifts

Hook lifts are commonly used to lift heavy vehicles for towing purposes. These lifts can also be used for a variety of other functions, such as lifting a truck’s loading bed or loading a flat-bed with dead weight. Hook lifts are a far cry from conventional counterbalanced cranes. Originally designed to lift dead weight, these lifts are extremely useful for lifting and transporting large and heavy loads. Therefore, they can be a valuable addition on the back of a construction truck, for example.

600SA Holdings offers a comprehensive selection of truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes from Fassi. These cranes are divided into light-, medium-, and heavy-duty ranges. They offer a unique and compact design that can easily be mounted onto the back of a carrier or flat-bed truck. Unlike counterbalanced cranes, knuckle-boom cranes do not use a pendulum concept to achieve lift. Instead, they are mounted to a singular point from where the force is generated to obtain lift. The crane can fold into itself, with the use of knuckles connecting the various sections. This is where the name comes from. Today, we will have a brief look at some of these models.


Knuckle-Boom Cranes

Fassi’s selection of knuckle-boom cranes are compact when mounted and have excellent reach. Due to the design of the crane, it can stretch out and have a wide radius of reach from a stationary truck position. This reach allows for the optional hooks on the end of these cranes to be used as hook lifts. The knuckle boom crane is flexible and the operator have several options for approaching the lifting task. If the crane is close to the intended load, the operator can simply use the hook lift to accomplish vertical lift. From there, the rotation of the crane itself can handle the horizontal movement.

Hook lifts are also a common sight on flat-bed trucks. Most flat-bed trucks are used to transport vehicles or large pallets. In both cases, a hook lift can help with loading and unloading the truck. For vehicle transportation, a flat-bed truck can simply lower the bed to allow the vehicle to mount. At this point, the hook can be attached to the chassis of the vehicle to pull the vehicle onto the bed slowly. For heavy pallets, the hook lift on the tip of the knuckle-boom crane acts as a deadlift. This functionality makes Fassi’s selection of truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes viable hook lifts as well.

600SA Holdings has a plethora of truck-mounted cranes to choose from. Our range of Fassi cranes feature certain models that have optional hooks and pinion attachments to make them viable hook lifts in certain applications. We also feature knuckle booms that are specifically designed and manufactured for the forestry and recycling industries.

If you need more information on our wide range of lifting equipment, feel free to browse our website for specifications and images on these models. You can also contact us directly and let our friendly customer service consultants handle your lifting equipment requirements. Choose 600SA Holdings today and let us elevate your business’s efficiency with our specialist equipment.