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We Are A Supplier of Hook Lifts

Hook lifts are fitted onto the rear of large vehicles, such as trucks and tractors, for commercial and industrial applications. These lift cranes are designed for heavy-duty functions, like lifting large containers or platforms. The versatility of this lifting equipment means you have complete control over such a container or platform, to such an extent that it can be semi-mountable. The containers can be used for waste disposal and agriculture and the platform can be used to load vehicles for safe transportation.

600SA Holdings is a supplier of these hook lifts, amongst a range of other useful solutions. We supply a range of truck-mounted cranes for various industries, waste-management solutions, and heavy-duty loaders that include skip loaders and hook lifts. Fassi is a brand that specialises in truck-mounted cranes and their wide selection on light- to heavy-duty cranes covers a multitude of applications. Today, we will look at their approach to hook lifts. For businesses in search of a heavy lifter, you have come to the right supplier.

The Marrel Ampliroll AL20

When it comes to hook lifts, a variety of factors come into play when designing and operating such a machine. First, the crane must be installed onto a platform that can handle the intended load. We are a supplier of the Marrel Ampliroll AL20, which is ideal because its solid truck chassis has a double rear-wheel axle for extra support. The powerful engine generates more than enough torque to move heavy loads with ease. The lift can function in different ways to suit any loading situation. In most cases, a large container or platform would be involved.

The Ampliroll AL20 covers all the bases to operate as a true heavy-duty hook lift. The rear suspension features hydraulic locking for static lifting. When the lift is in tipping mode, it extends to an optimal height for a hooked container to be tipped. During this process of static lifting, the main arm and tilting frame require extra support and this lift has an automatic mechanical lock to secure the arm and frame during this type of extended lift. The cabin features a pneumatic mechanism to control the lift. The pin-mounted hook on the edge of the lift can easily be replaced for different applications.

The tilting frame on the Marrel AL20 acts as a power multiplier during a static lift, as it can operate independently from the main arm. This hook lift, with its telescopic jib, has a total lift capacity of 20 t. The hook sits at a neutral height of 1425 mm to offer good ground clearance when nothing is being lifted. This height is optimal for positioning and hooking the container that is designed for this hook lift. During tipping mode, the rear hydraulic locking system and jib cannot be operated, improving safety and avoiding accidents due to operator error.

600SA Holdings is a supplier of quality industrial lifting equipment for your business. Whether you need a hook lift, skip loader, or truck-mounted crane, we have your business needs covered. For more info on our equipment, please browse our website for specifications to find an ideal fit for your requirements.