Hook Lift

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A hook lift is a useful piece of lifting equipment. It provides controlled vertical lifting, balancing the load on a centre pivot point. There is a wide variety of hook lifts on the market today. 600SA Holdings also features an extensive selection of lifting equipment that acts as hook lifts. This selection consists of knuckle-boom truck-mounted cranes that are compact and versatile and opens up a plethora of possible applications in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Knuckle-boom cranes have a different design and function to counterbalanced cranes. Counterbalanced cranes use counterbalance weights to achieve lift. This crane concept has been around since Ancient Greece. Knuckle booms, on the other hand, pivot on a single point. The crane has a couple of sections that are attached to each other. These sections can fold into the crane and reach outwards, like a finger. Thus, they are dubbed accordingly – “knuckle boom”. Today, we will look at two knuckle-boom cranes from Fassi that act as hook lifts.


Fassi Hook Lifts from 600SA Holdings

600SA Holdings offers an all-encompassing range of Fassi truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes. We also have Penz Crane knuckle booms for forestry and recycling applications. The beauty of a truck-mounted knuckle boom is its versatility. It can be mounted on any truck and used to lift almost any payload. These cranes make life easy for flatbed transportation trucks. Hook lifts are very effective on large tow trucks. Whether you are in construction, towing, or simply need a proper hook lift to get the job done, these cranes can do the job.

Starting with the F295A, we have a medium-duty knuckle boom that acts as a hook lift. This knuckle boom is available in an e-Dynamic version as well as an RA e-Dynamic version. Both these variants have a rated lifting capacity of 28,3 tm. They also have a maximum outreach of 26,7 m with their jibs attached. The F295A e-Dynamic is capable of a 400˚ rotation with a rack and pinion. The F295RA e-Dynamic offers continuous rotation on a slew ring. As a result, both these hook lifts have a large operable radius from a stationary position.

Moving on to a heavy-duty version, we look at the F1500RA he-Dynamic. This hook lift has a rated lifting capacity of 113,25 tm. It also has a maximum outreach of 31,6 m. On a slew ring, this knuckle boom can rotate continuously. Therefore, it can reach anywhere within a 31,6-m radius from a stationary position to grant this lift a large operable area. Knuckle booms are compact to and they simply fold into themselves when stowed. These cranes mounted can stay mounted to their vehicles and be ready to lift in a moment. This eliminates the need for a secondary piece of lifting equipment to load and unload flatbed trucks.

We can deliver the ideal hook lift for your business’s requirements. Enhance your trucks by adding these knuckle booms onto the rear of your vehicle to save time during loading. Browse through our website for detailed specifications on these hook lifts for more information. Choose 600SA Holdings today and let us supply your business with quality lifting equipment.