Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Industrial-Duty Cleaning Equipment

Working in an industrial environment comes with its own dangers and hazards. Keeping the environment as clean and tidy as possible is not always easy either. Many industrial businesses are based in warehouse-type buildings and these buildings have large floor areas and tall roofs to ensure that there is enough space. Businesses may use these buildings as storage facilities, workshops, or manufacturing plants. Sometimes, they are also used as shop outlets that require a lot of floor space, such as vehicle auction houses and fitment centres.

To ensure that such a building has a clean floor, you need the right cleaning equipment for the job. These floors are commonly concrete or cement and options such as handheld mops and brooms will take forever to clean the entire floor. However, when looking at industrial-duty solutions, we stock some feasible options to take care of this daily chore. These machines are designed to streamline this essential process in large buildings. Cleaning plays an important role in maintaining a hygienic and safe workplace in the industrial environment.

Getting Down to Business

People who are familiar with the industrial sector are aware of the constant danger of working with heavy machinery and power tools. In a workshop, these machines range from lathes to large saws. They can produce a vast amount of daily waste, which must be cleaned at the end of the workday. We offer the equipment to ensure that you can take care of this process quickly and efficiently. And for those machines and other obstacles that cannot be moved, you need a smart approach that can reach underneath them.

We offer a wide variety of brands of industrial machinery. In our range of cleaning equipment, Bucher Schörling offers the CityCat. This innovative machine is adaptable and intelligently designed, giving you the tools to maintain a sparklingly clean and safe work environment. It features a front-mounted cabin to optimise visibility for the driver. It also has articulated steering, separating the front and back ends of the vehicle for easier manoeuvring. Its design ensures that the rear wheels follow directly in the tracks of the front wheels instead of ascribing a tighter arc. The articulated steering also allows the front-mounted suction nozzle to always face in the right direction.

Since the front end of the vehicle is where the cleaning happens, the articulated steering allows the nose of the vehicle to always face in the right direction. The brushes are mounted at the front as well, which grants the driver an unobstructed view when working. Industrial equipment must, first and foremost, be functional and practical in the workplace. The extended front brushes can be used to reach underneath stationary machines and objects. The best part of it all is that the rear end of the vehicle precisely follows the front to give you more freedom and manoeuvrability within confined spaces.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of industrial cleaning equipment. We also have a wide range of truck-mounted cranes that can transform your truck fleet into self-loaders. For more information on how we can supply you with all the right machinery, please peruse our website.