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Industrial floor sweepers are somewhat uncommon in South Africa. However, they are gaining popularity thanks to their efficiency as floor cleaners in both commercial and industrial applications. Usually, these vehicles have unique and unusual designs by dint of their jobs as sweepers and cleaners. These machines are used in cities and towns across the world as street sweepers, but they can also be used to clean large indoor and outdoor surfaces at business premises.

An industrial floor sweeper can therefore provide cleaning solutions for businesses that have wide open spaces in need of constant maintenance and sweeping. These environments include warehouses, garages, and parking lots, to only name a few. Bucher Schörling manufactures these vehicles, producing the CityCat range of sweepers. These sweepers can handle a spectrum of cleaning applications, whether in an industrial, commercial, or public setting. Today, we will focus on the CityCat 2020, an industrial floor sweeper that is supplied by 600SA Holdings for the South African market.


The Bucher Schörling CityCat 2020

An industrial floor sweeper needs to have a compact body and should be agile, so these vehicles tend to have narrow and tall body designs to handle rapid direction changes and grant them optimal manoeuvrability. The CityCat 2020 is an ideal example of such a sweeper. It features articulated steering that makes manoeuvring much easier. The rear end of the vehicle will follow the front end on the exact track. This feature also eliminates the need for the operator to calculate and compensate for where the rear end of the vehicle will travel.

The suction nozzle of the CityCat 2020 always faces in the direction of travel. This is accomplished through the innovative articulated steering system. This function ensures that no spot is missed. Industrial floor sweepers should also have dedicated reach functions to further ensure that no dirt remains unreached. The CityCat 2020 has extended reach brushes mounted onto the front end of the vehicle to allow for access to previously inaccessible nooks and crannies when using a regular sweeper. These brushes can comfortably reach underneath obstacles such as benches and cars to efficiently clean the surfaces underneath such obstacles.

As an industrial floor sweeper, the CityCat 2020 delivers exceptional handling. One would imagine that a narrow and tall body design could be top-heavy and therefore prove to be unstable during operation. This is the last thing that an operator of an industrial floor sweeper should have to worry about. The CityCat 2020 eliminates body roll with its articulated steering system, giving independence to both wheel axles. Therefore, the rear axle will always follow the front axle faithfully and with zero resistance and optimal stability when making sudden changes of direction.

We offer a wide variety of industrial equipment for sale, including industrial floor sweepers such as the CityCat 2020. For more information on this excellent sweeper, feel free to peruse the brochure on our website. Choose 600SA Holdings for a wide range of lifting equipment and industrial cleaning solutions for every type of industry in South Africa.