Industrial Lifting Solutions

A Myriad of Industrial Lifting-Equipment Solutions

The industrial sector utilises a wide range of lifting equipment for different purposes and applications. We offer solutions to most industries with versatile knuckle-boom cranes that can be mounted on the rear of loader trucks. We also offer specific ranges for forestry and recycling purposes. Waste management plays a pivotal part in many industrial businesses too and our selection of products includes waste compactors and skip loaders to meet these needs. We also offer cleaning vehicles to minimise the time and effort of keeping the workplace clean.

Knuckle-boom cranes offer a versatile and smart approach to industrial lifting-equipment solutions. Instead of buying a brand-new vehicle, you can simply add a truck-mounted crane to extend the functionality of your current vehicle. A truck-mounted knuckle boom can deliver a wide range of functions, including deadlifting and towing. These cranes are unique in design and concept, making them very versatile and providing optimal control for the operator. Our range of Fassi truck-mounted cranes cover light- to heavy-duty equipment for a complete spectrum of loading capacities for different applications.

Adding A Knuckle Boom to Your Vehicle

industrial liftingIndustrial lifting equipment would normally be manufactured for a handful of specialised applications. This is the case with forklifts and pallet trucks that are specifically engineered for warehouse material handling. However, Fassi’s selection of knuckle-boom cranes is more versatile and they are ideal for many applications. Delivering versatile solutions requires equipment that can adapt to the task at hand. When it is retracted, the boom can stay mounted on the truck without adding much to the dimensions or weight of the truck.

Forestry and industrial waste recycling both require quality lifting solutions to do the job. Our range of Penz trunk-mounted cranes delivers specialised knuckle booms for the recycling and forestry industries respectively. Waste management plays an important role in most businesses in this sector as well. Therefore, having specialised knuckle booms to handle waste is usually a requirement. When picking up waste from a designated site, you want equipment that is specifically designed to handle different types of waste for recycling purposes. Penz offers two ranges of truck-mounted cranes that are ideal for this type of application.

Forestry involves the felling, delimbing, and bucking of trees. To ensure that these processes are completed safely and efficiently, you will need a harvester and a forwarder. Penz offers truck-mounted knuckle booms that serve as feasible solutions that can simply be added to these vehicles. These industrial lifting cranes are designed specifically for these processes, as well as transporting the bucked logs to a designated pickup zone. So, if your business needs quality truck-mounted cranes, we can supply you with the suitable equipment to take your business to new heights.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of industrial lifting equipment. We also offer waste-management solutions to ensure that your business can achieve new levels of efficiency. For more information on our selection of knuckle-boom cranes, please browse our website for specifications. Choose us today and gain access to a wide selection of quality equipment to address the needs of your business today.