Industrial Sweepers

Industrial Sweepers and Cleaning Solutions

Industrial machines are purpose-built to suit specific applications within the sector. Whether it is lifting, transportation, or material handling, there is a need for innovative and efficient equipment and machinery. Waste management plays a pivotal role for companies that work with industrial waste. Compactor trucks collect and dump the waste from bins. However, they are not designed to be sweepers or cleaners; for these tasks, you require a different type of waste-management solution for your business.

Industrial vehicles are completely different from passenger vehicles. They are oddly shaped, bigger, and more robust, which is in line with their function and the work they must do. Sweepers are specifically designed to clean large surfaces in a short time. These vehicles are optimised for reach and speed and can cover large areas in the process. They also feature special materials for the manufacture of various of their parts. Such advanced materials deliver increased performance and durability. Today, we will look at one of our heavy-duty options in this arena.

The Optifant 8000 Sweeper

Bucher Schörling is a manufacturer of industrial sweepers. We offer a sensible selection of their machines for your business, covering the CityCat, CityFant, and OptiFant ranges. These vehicles are purpose-built machines that can dramatically reduce cleaning times by covering far larger areas in comparison to their much smaller, walk-behind counterparts. They can also be used on public roads and streets and in parks. Today, we will look at the big boy in the family, the OptiFant 8000. This machine is ideal for tackling large areas, with a couple of handy features to assist the operator along the way.

The OptiFant 8000 has a compact and efficient power unit that features a low-emission engine and a hydraulically driven fan. This vehicle sits on a chassis that consists of a welded steel frame, built from rugged steel components. These components are designed for optimal durability and rigidity against torsion. The rear of the vehicle also features a hopper. This hopper is manufactured from a chromium-steel alloy for optimal toughness and performance. By adding chromium or vanadium to a steel alloy, it allows the alloy to be optimally hardened. The chromium also adds corrosion, abrasion, and oxidation resistance to the alloy. Therefore, the hopper can easily withstand various forms of industrial waste, which is just what all good sweepers need.

The front of the vehicle is fitted with industrial sweep brushes that are controlled pneumatically. When fully extended, the operator can clearly see the brushes and can reach beneath obstacles for a more thorough cleaning job. The front-mounted brush unit can also be fitted with rotary and weed brushes for alternative sweeper functions. The machine also features an auxiliary fuel tank to feed the auxiliary engine and maximise the range of the machine. The water tank can take 2150 ℓ, which results in an ample supply of water to be used for cleaning purposes.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of industrial cleaning solutions. We offer a variety of sweepers from Bucher Schörling that can work to the advantage of your business. For more on these machines, please browse our website for details and digital PDF brochures.