Lifting and Loading Equipment

Knuckle Booms and Skip Loaders

Every industrial business requires a fleet of vehicles that can be used for specific applications. These vehicles commonly include lifting and loading equipment to ensure that materials and goods can be moved and transported. Skip trucks are ideal for handling large waste containers to ease the process of waste management in your industrial work environment. Knuckle-boom, truck-mounted cranes are also great additions to flatbed trucks. These cranes can dramatically reduce loading times and eliminate the need for a secondary crane or counterbalanced truck.

In South Africa, we might not always have access to all the best international products. Luckily, 600SA Holdings offers an extensive selection of lifting and loading equipment for your business. We feature some of the top brands of knuckle booms in the industry, including Fassi and Penz. We also offer Marrel hook-lift trucks and VDL skip loaders to ensure that your business always has access to the best equipment. Today, we will look at the machines that can make a positive difference in the daily routine of your company.

Elevating Your Business

Flatbed trucks are commonly used to transport pallets from a storage facility to a worksite. These trucks need the assistance of another piece of equipment to lift and load the pallets onto the flatbed. However, with our mobile cranes, we offer a more efficient way. By mounting a knuckle boom on the rear of the truck, you won’t require assistance from another vehicle to get the pallets onto the flatbed. Being able to rotate and extend, these cranes can reach a large area. Therefore, the truck can remain stationary once in its ideal spot.

A knuckle-boom crane is mounted at the base of the crane’s frame. From here, it pivots to generate the necessary lifting force to load materials onto the truck. Knuckle booms feature various sections that allow the crane to extend and retract. The biggest difference between it and a lattice boom is in the way its sections are connected. Lattice booms extend and retract in a linear fashion, due to the way the sections are connected. With a knuckle boom, these sections form mechanical “knuckles” to allow for finger-like movement. This results in compact, retractable equipment that will not trouble the height or width restrictions through which your truck might have to pass when fully retracted.

Fassi delivers a huge selection of truck-mounted cranes to suit all manner of businesses. These cranes will ensure that you always have the necessary lifting power at your disposal. Loading can be a time-consuming process when you need additional equipment and vehicles to assist. However, with a Fassi crane on your side, you will have a truck-mounted knuckle boom that can take care of it. These cranes are normally mounted between the cabin and the flatbed and can also be mounted at the rear of the bed.

600SA Holdings is your first choice if your business needs a supplier of loading and lifting equipment in Gauteng. For more information on our available knuckle-boom cranes, please browse our website. Make the most of your truck fleet with quality knuckle booms and boost your fleet’s efficiency with us on your side.