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We Are Your Lifting-Crane Supplier

A variety of businesses use mobile cranes for a wide range of applications. Truck-mounted cranes are also very popular choices. These cranes are not only easily mountable on transportation trucks, but compact and light – and therefore practical as a permanent addition on carrier vehicles. Usually, carrier trucks need a second vehicle or piece of machinery to load and unload it, but with a truck-mounted lifting crane, this is eliminated, as the truck can load and unload its own bay. 600SA Holdings is a supplier of quality lifting cranes.

Lifting cranes are available in a variety of designs. Our selection of truck-mounted cranes features a versatile range of knuckle-boom cranes. As opposed to a standardised lattice boom that extends and retracts on a single axis, a knuckle boom can fold. With the sections of the boom being connected by metallic “knuckles”, this boom can fold into itself and extend, just like a finger. With the pivot point being the mounted base of the crane, these models can accomplish impressive lifting feats. As a lifting-crane supplier, we sell these cranes to industry.


We Are A Supplier of Penz Crane Solutions Too

Our knuckle-boom lifting cranes from Penz are designed and built for two industries – recycling and forestry. Recycling requires quick turnaround times and employs large trucks to transport loads. The bigger the individual loads, the more efficient and cost-effective the process. Therefore, recycling trucks can benefit greatly from having their own knuckle-boom cranes for loading and unloading them. Penz offers two recycling-crane ranges to meet all the lifting-crane needs of the recycling industry.

Starting with the ZR recycling range, we offer a crane that excels in reliability and lifting performance. With simplicity and ease of use as their main features, these truck-mounted lifting cranes in the ZR range are fast and easy to operate and they can lift up to 2360 kg. They can also rotate while lifting, making it easy for the operator to accurately pick up and load recycling materials into the truck bay. The LR recycling range from Penz offers a very robust range of recycling cranes. These models boast even higher lifting capacities and are ideal for heavier-duty applications.

We are also a supplier of Penz Crane’s range of truck-mounted cranes for forestry. The LR range is designed to handle longer logs of up to 25 m in length. A truck carrying logs needs specialised equipment to pick up and load logs quickly and efficiently. The LR class offers reliability and precision in operation to accomplish this feat in short order. The ZR class, on the other hand, raises the bar even further in terms of lifting ability compared to the LR class. These lifting cranes are meant for a more demanding work environment with heavier loads to manage.

We are your quintessential lifting-crane supplier in South Africa. Our spectrum of truck-mounted cranes offers a suitable solution for your carrier trucks and eliminates the need for separate loaders in your fleet. For more information, please peruse our website for brochures and specifications on these mobile cranes. Choose 600SA Holdings as your lifting-crane supplier today.