Lifting Equipment for Sale in South Africa

We Offer Top-Quality Lifting Equipment for Sale in South Africa

Lifting equipment covers a large variety of industrial and commercial machines and vehicles that includes forklifts and mobile cranes. These machines are usually designed with specific functions and purposes. A crawler-track mobile crane, for example, has the ability to traverse various surfaces. However, we offer a different type of mobility with the type of equipment that we offer for sale in South Africa.

Versatility is a key feature that industrial vehicles should have. The more versatile a vehicle is and the more uses it has, the smaller your vehicle fleet can be. With a smaller vehicle fleet comes lower maintenance and servicing costs, not to mention damage and repair costs. Our range of mobile lifting equipment can change how your business approaches certain tasks such as loading and transporting. We offer leading brands such as Fassi and Penz Crane for sale in South Africa to boost your business’s productivity. Today, we will briefly explain the concept of truck-mounted mobile cranes and how they can add functionality to loaders and transporter trucks.

Mobile cranes commonly use lattice booms mounted on top of a wide-body vehicle to deliver mobile lifting equipment. A truck-mounted crane introduces a new facet by being a crane that can be mounted onto the rear of a flatbed or loader truck. We offer a comprehensive range of truck-mounted cranes for sale to add functionality to your truck fleet. South Africa has a variety of industries that can benefit from these cranes on their trucks so, whether it is vehicle transportation, debris clearance, or loading pallets, we have you covered.

What A Truck-Mounted Mobile Crane Is

A knuckle-boom crane features a different design compared to a lattice boom. Both have sections to allow for extension and retraction but a lattice boom is limited to linear extension on a single plane, which allows the boom itself to expand in length only. A knuckle boom, on the other hand, has an innovative design to deliver a unique piece of lifting equipment. The sections on such a boom type are held together with mechanical “knuckles”. These versions are still less commonplace in South Africa but they can add tremendous functionality and value to your truck fleet.

Mounted at the base of the crane, a truck-mounted knuckle boom operates in a similar way as a human finger. The mechanical knuckles previously mentioned allow the crane to extend and retract as a finger would. The base of the crane rotates as well. Therefore, a knuckle boom has an extended radius of reach from a stationary location. We offer specialised models for sale for both recycling and forestry industries from Penz Crane. Our range of Fassi lifting equipment covers a broader spectrum and can be used for a myriad of functions by many types of businesses in South Africa.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of mobile lifting equipment in South Africa. Our selection of truck-mounted cranes can elevate your business to new heights, so to speak. For more information on the models we have for sale, peruse our website. Experience the power of versatility with a knuckle boom mounted on your truck today.