Lifting Equipment Supplier in South Africa

Your Lifting-Equipment Supplier in South Africa

Mobile lifting equipment is vital for any industrial or commercial business. It adds an indispensable function to a vehicle fleet. Most businesses already employ a variety of trucks for transportation, but these trucks then require a secondary vehicle to take care of the loading and unloading process. At 600SA Holdings, we offer a workable solution for trucks that need to carry goods. Our selection of truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes let the truck to the carrying and the crane the lifting – all in the same vehicle.

As a lifting-equipment supplier in South Africa, we strive to deliver a wide selection for multiple industries. Our range of Penz Crane lifting equipment focuses on forestry and recycling. These cranes are compact and function well within their intended work environments. For a more versatile option, Fassi delivers three ranges of truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes to choose from. These cranes are versatile lifting equipment that can make a huge difference to your daily operations. Our wide range includes light-, medium-, and heavy-duty models to suit your requirements.


Fassi Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment suppliers in South Africa tend to focus on specific target markets. Our selection of Fassi knuckle booms, however, can be used almost anywhere. These cranes are ideal for flatbed, loader, and even carrier trucks. Our comprehensive range include cranes with a wide spectrum of lifting capacity ratings to suit their intended functions. This gives you the ability to mount a knuckle boom of the appropriate rating on the load bed of your vehicle. Fassi’s range begins with their light-duty knuckle-boom models. A knuckle-boom crane has the ability to fold in and reach out from a single pivot point. This makes them handily compact for transportation and ideal for use from a stationary vehicle.

A prime example from the light-duty range is the F50A. This mobile crane is available in an Active and e-Active version. It has a rated lifting capacity of up to 4,7 tm. This allows the F50A to lift a variety of goods without breaking a sweat. It also has a maximum outreach of 9,25 m. The F50A has a 370˚ rotation with a rack and pinion for optimal stability. This results in a large work area from a stationary vehicle. This crane comes standard with Fassi Electronic and Stability Control to optimise the operator’s control over their lifting equipment.

These cranes are made from ultra-high strength steel to deliver quality lifting equipment for your business. They have compact knuckle-boom designs to allow for easy transportation. This gives them the ability to fold up while the truck is moving and extend when the vehicle is stationary. As a result, they are easy to manage and control on the back of any carrier or flatbed truck. They are also lightweight in comparison to other lifting equipment solutions. This means that they have little effect on the truck’s balance or handling.

600SA Holdings is a foremost lifting equipment supplier in South Africa. We offer practical choices for various commercial and industrial businesses. You can find more information on these knuckle-boom cranes by browsing our website. Choose 600SA Holdings as your business’s lifting-equipment supplier and take advantage of our extensive range today.