Materials Handling Equipment

Materials-Handling Solutions

Materials-handling equipment is designed to efficiently handle all manner of materials in your business setting. Industrial lifting equipment will usually be a part of such a business’s fleet of vehicles. These vehicles can lift and transport materials to where they need to be. Forklifts are also a type of materials-handling equipment for warehouses and storage facilities. These nimble machines offer efficient operation within confined spaces and tight warehouse aisles. However, handling heavier pallets or materials requires heavier machinery. This is where truck-mounted cranes become viable options.

As far as regular flatbed loading goes, compact lift trucks offer a simple and effective solution. A pallet can simply be taken from storage and lifted onto the flatbed. Different types of loader truck can be involved in this process and these trucks usually feature specialised containers that adapt to specific materials such as logs, waste, or sand. Today, we will look at how Fassi and Penz Crane’s ranges of truck-mounted cranes can work as effective materials-handling equipment in your business environment.

Truck-Mounted Cranes

A truck-mounted mobile crane offers a solution for a loader truck that normally requires a second vehicle to load and unload it. This crane can be mounted directly behind the cabin of the truck to assist in tipping large containers, pulling large vehicles onto flatbeds, and loading goods. The smaller light-duty versions can be mounted on the rear of the truck for towing and loading purposes. These cranes feature a knuckle-boom design that allows them to extend and retract as a finger does. Now your truck can load and unload itself, whatever the load. Once retracted, the crane takes up very little space on the rear of the truck, so it will not influence the clearance ratings of large vehicles. It does not weigh much either.

Penz Crane offers solutions for various industries like recycling and forestry. Trucks in these settings also need a secondary vehicle to load waste or logs on them, but luckily, Penz offers a solution to eliminate the need for additional vehicles on site. The Timber range delivers a variety of materials-handling knuckle booms designed to pick up and relocate logs all day long. The Recycling range is designed to handle waste and transfer it to a container that is located on the rear of a loader truck.

Fassi delivers an all-round solution with knuckle booms that can be used for a plethora of purposes. Their light-duty range is ideal for flatbeds and transporters of small vehicles. These cranes can extend and retract to assist in loading pallets laden with goods, or large objects such as vehicles, onto flatbed trucks. The medium-duty range delivers more lifting capacity for larger and heavier items. These cranes are perfect for handling all manner of construction materials. Fassi also features a heavy-duty range that is designed to accomplish extreme lifting feats. These cranes are able to lift almost any heavy load.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of materials-handling equipment for loader trucks. Our range of truck-mounted knuckle booms can serve your fleet of trucks well during their daily operations. For more information, please peruse our website for details on our available ranges. Let our equipment make your business more productive today.