Medium-Duty Cranes

Medium-Duty Industrial Truck-Mounted Cranes for Your Business

Industrial lifting equipment is used for many applications within the industrial sector. Whether it is for construction vehicles, forestry harvesters, or loader trucks, they need reliable cranes to get the job done. Medium-duty industrial lifting equipment covers a wide range of machines. Our focus is truck-mounted knuckle booms that can deliver the necessary lifting force, as well as the quality and durability you need to take your business to the next level. We offer specialised and universal truck-mounted knuckle booms to enhance the ability of your vehicle fleet in daily use.

Cranes have been the most efficient way of lifting heavy objects since the invention of counterbalance cranes in ancient times. The concept of the counterbalance is still used today to achieve massive lifting feats. However, on smaller scales, other concepts are used as well and this is where the knuckle boom shines as one of the best options for medium-duty applications. This boom type is different from other booms in its class. It also adds better functionality and control for the operator to take advantage of.

The Concept of the Knuckle Boom

medium-duty cranesAs with a conventional lattice boom, knuckle boom cranes feature various sections that are joined to allow for extension and retraction. However, a lattice boom can only extend and retract on a linear plane, which limits its functionality as a truck-mounted boom. A knuckle boom’s sections are connected with mechanical joints that function as knuckles. It extends and retracts in a similar way as a finger does. The boom is mounted at the base for optimal control as well, enabling it to rotate and extend its reach form a stationary position. It is ideal for medium-duty operations.

When retracted, a knuckle boom is very compact and easy to transport. This handy feature also allows these cranes to stay mounted on the rear end of a truck without affecting the overall dimensions and weight of the vehicle much. The unique design also allows for deadlifting, which comes in handy when dealing with large and heavy pallets. Medium-duty knuckle boom cranes can be used for a plethora of applications in different industries. These booms can be mounted on an industrial vehicle to expand the functionality of the vehicle. They are typically mounted between the cab and load bay of a truck.

Medium-duty knuckle booms are perfect for lifting vehicles onto the bed of a transporter truck. The boom can also be used for towing vehicles. Its deadlifting ability makes it easy to deal with heavy construction materials and pallets as well. Therefore, such cranes add a lot of versatility to your loaders. We also offer forestry options in the form of forwarders and harvesters to assist in the delimbing, bucking, and transporting of logs. Whatever your business needs in terms of industrial knuckle booms, we have a solution that caters to them.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of medium-duty truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes that can be used in a myriad of industrial applications. For more on our available stock, please browse our website for specifications and brochures.