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Lifting equipment comes in various shapes and sizes, with the crane dating back to the ancient times. It is a resourceful stationary tool for lifting heavy materials to desired heights when constructing buildings. The invention of the crane focused on the concept of counterbalancing, using a pivoting point in the centre of the design to allow for lifting loads on the primary side of the crane with a counterweight on one side balancing the load being lifted on the other side and keeping the machine steady and stable during the lifting phase.

Since then, mobile cranes have been introduced, avoiding the need to construct a counterbalanced crane at a stationary location and losing out on the advantages of a mobile crane’s mobility and versatility. 600SA Holdings is a mobile-crane supplier in South Africa, delivering a wide selection of truck-mounted mobile crane options for almost any work environment. Today, we will discuss our range of mobile cranes and how they can change the way you go about your daily work routine, delivering viable lifting-equipment solutions for a wide variety of industries that include forestry, recycling, and construction.

As suppliers of mobile cranes in South Africa, 600SA Holdings understands the harsh and challenging work environments in the commercial and industrial sectors in this country, and we offer viable solutions with our range of Penz and Fassi mobile cranes. Starting with our Penz cranes, we feature four purposely built truck-mounted mobile-crane ranges that are built for forestry and recycling, with the Penz LR and ZR ranges being knuckle booms aimed at the recycling industry and the regular Land Z ranges delivering viable options for the forestry sector. Collectively, our complete selection of Penz cranes can handle loads from 950 to 3520 kg to ensure that you can get the ideal model for your specific needs, meeting the standards and requirements of the recycling and forestry industry and allowing you to save time when using these knuckle booms on your vehicles.

Mobile-crane suppliers should have some variety in their selection as well, and this is where our range of Fassi mobile cranes come to the fore, offering light-, medium-, and heavy-duty models to choose from, covering a complete spectrum of lifting capacities and allowing for versatile applications within the larger commercial and industrial sectors in South Africa. Our comprehensive range of Fassi truck-mounted cranes will allow for easy transportation, lifting, loading, and reaching functions, right there on your truck, giving you a wide range of applications to take advantage of throughout a regular workday. As a result, you are spoilt for choice when choosing 600SA Holdings as your primary mobile-crane supplier, whether you need to hire a knuckle boom for a specified period of time or are interested in buying a model for daily use.

600SA Holdings offers a comprehensive selection when it comes to supplying mobile cranes in South Africa. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details, or contact us with any further enquiries. Choose 600SA as your supplier of mobile cranes today and take full advantage of our comprehensive selection for your business.


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