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Specialised Penz Knuckle-Boom Cranes

Knuckle booms are mobile cranes specifically designed to be mounted on trucks. They are designed for compact transportation and impressive lifting feats from a stationary position. With the sections of the boom connected through mechanical knuckle-type links, it offers versatility and controlled lifting. The reason for mounting such a boom on a truck is to avoid the need for a second vehicle to load the truck. Penz Crane is a specialist manufacturer of these cranes for specific industries.

The concept of a knuckle boom is to simulate the movement of a human finger, where the pivot point is at the base of the boom as opposed to the centre. Therefore, these booms do not have a pendulum effect where one side needs to outweigh the other to achieve lift. Being mounted at the base, the boom is allowed freedom of movement for versatile lifting applications. As a result, they add functionality to your loader trucks that is unmatched by other types of mountable lifting equipment. Penz’s range of knuckle booms is tailored for specific applications, making it a no-brainer for businesses in these industries.

Knuckle Booms for Forestry and Recycling

penz craneOne of the biggest challenges for recycling and forestry loader trucks is to pick up and load logs or recyclable waste. Knuckle-boom cranes are ideal for this type of application. Their base mount allows them to rotate and extend at will, giving you the power to retrieve materials and load them onto the back. The need for a piece of lifting equipment is met by the truck-mounted knuckle boom. This saves valuable time in the process of picking up materials and transporting them.

Penz’s range of forestry knuckle-boom cranes is designed to pick up multiple logs simultaneously and load them for transport. Normally, a specialised crane is required to ensure that the logs are picked up and loaded without dropping or damaging them. The Timber L and Z ranges from Penz deliver the solutions that you need for handling logs. These cranes are designed to cater to this specific industry’s needs, resulting in a sensible solution for loader trucks to simply load the logs themselves. Now, you do not have to worry about sending an extra vehicle along to load your trucks.

The LR and ZR ranges from Penz Crane are tailored for recycling and waste management. These knuckle booms are specifically aimed at making the process of picking up recyclable waste simplicity itself. Loading waste containers can be a real hassle. However, with the right equipment on your side, it becomes simplicity itself. Waste management and disposal is a large part of the industrial sector and with these knuckle booms that are tailored for such applications, your business can benefit from their versatility. With robust construction using quality materials, they can be used over long periods without the need for any recurring maintenance.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes. We offer a selection of Fassi and Penz ranges to choose from. For more information on these mounted booms, please browse our website for specifications. Choose us as your supplier today and enjoy quality lifting equipment to suit the needs of your business.