Penz Timber Crane

Penz’s Knuckle-Boom Timber Cranes for Forestry

If you are in the forestry sector, you need specialised machinery in your arsenal of vehicles. These machines must include forwarders, harvesters, and loaders to deal with felled logs and transport them to lumber mills. Forwarders and harvesters work in pairs to transport the felled logs to a designated area for the loader to pick them up and transport them to the mills. The loaders commonly require a second vehicle to load them. However, with our range of Penz timber cranes, the loader can load and unload itself.

Sometimes, you only need to deal with small felled logs that are quick and easy to pick up and transport. Other times, logs are big and heavy. Luckily, Penz offers L and Z timber-crane ranges to ensure that you always have the right tool for the job. Since these knuckle booms are truck-mounted, they are versatile and ready for any situation. They can be mounted on the rear of a truck to allow for optimal reach and convenient operation. Being next to the loading bay, the operator of the boom has easy access to load and unload the logs.

The Benefits of A Truck-Mounted Knuckle Boom

penz timber cranesTruck-mounted cranes are often of the lattice-boom type. They are commonly used for construction purposes and they can only be extended and retracted on a single plane. Knuckle booms deliver a more versatile approach. These booms have multiple sections that are connected via mechanical knuckles to allow the boom to fold in on itself like a human finger. This dramatically reduces the space the boom takes up on the vehicle it is mounted on, which comes in handy when transporting goods. Penz’s timber range offers a selection of knuckle booms that can enhance a truck’s basic functionality.

As intimated earlier, a knuckle boom works the same way as a finger, pivoting from the base to generate the necessary lift. With their unique way to expand and retract, they can lift and pull. The booms can also rotate at their bases to extend their reach even further. Therefore, if your loader truck is equipped with a Penz truck-mounted crane that is specifically designed to handle timber, you can easily load felled logs from the roadside with it and transport them to your mills without the need of a second piece of lifting equipment or vehicle.

The L timber range from Penz offers multiple machines in terms of size and load capacity. They can handle loads of between 950 and 2920 kg. The front attachment on these knuckle booms is designed to pick up logs and avoid damaging them. The Z range can handle the same weight range, delivering an alternative selection of machinery that caters to different requirements. In the end, this selection of forestry cranes can make a notable difference in your truck fleet, which can give your business the edge.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of timber cranes for the forestry sector. We feature selections from Penz and Cranab to ensure that you can bring out the best in your forwarders, harvesters, and loader trucks. For more on these knuckle booms, please browse our website for digital brochures and specifications.