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We Sell Quality Knuckle-Boom Cranes

Quality is not negotiable when it comes to industrial lifting equipment. Should a crane fail, the consequences can be costly – or fatal. As with most industrial equipment for sale nowadays, businesses look for the best-quality equipment before committing to spending the money. Safe, top-quality equipment provides peace of mind in terms of service life and workplace safety. Cranes are some of the most common types of industrial lifting equipment on the market today. Their job might seem simple, but they are indispensable in an industrial setting.

600SA Holdings offers a wide variety of high-quality cranes for sale in South Africa. Many of our cranes feature a knuckle-boom design for optimal functionality. These cranes are reliable and compact, making them ideal for daily applications such as loading and moving large objects and pallets. Our selection also includes models specially designed for specific industries in the industrial and commercial sectors. Today, we will discuss the extensive selection of quality cranes we offer for sale and the benefits that they offer.


Knuckle Booms for Your Business Needs

Quality is not only defined by the material used to manufacture a crane, but also by the crane’s overall utility value and durability. Knuckle-boom cranes are different from other mobile cranes for sale on the market today. Most mobile-crane designs are made up of various sections that are coupled together, allowing the crane to extend and retract. Knuckle booms share the basic principle of extending and retracting with other cranes, but they use a completely different mechanism to achieve this.

Instead of coupling the sections on a linear plane, a knuckle boom’s couplers function as mechanical “knuckles”. These couplers allow the crane to extend and retract in the same manner as a human finger. The base of the crane is mounted on a truck. The base of a knuckle-boom crane can furthermore rotate to further increase its area of operation. In addition, the unique design allows the crane to fold into itself for compact transportation while mounted on a truck. It does not add much to the truck’s weight or bulk and makes up for it in its versatility, because now your truck can load and unload itself.

600SA Holdings offers a spectrum of high-quality knuckle-boom cranes for sale. Our range of Penz cranes is specifically designed for either recycling or forestry. Penz Crane is a quality brand and we have four ranges to choose from. Fassi delivers versatile knuckle-boom, truck-mounted cranes that can perform light-, medium-, and heavy-duty lifting. These cranes offer all the quality and functionality that your truck fleet needs. Whether you are in construction or commercial vehicle transport, the range of Fassi cranes that we offer for sale will deliver the solutions you need.

If your business needs quality cranes, choose 600SA Holdings as your supplier. We offer a wide selection of purpose-built crane ranges for sale from leading brands. If you need more information on these cranes, feel free to browse our website for specifications and brochures. 600SA can offer you all the best solutions for your business as well, because we offer all the best cranes.