Quality Lifting Equipment South Africa

Top-Quality Lifting Equipment Available in South Africa

Lifting equipment is a necessary part of any work fleet in the industrial or commercial sector. Whether it is warehouse material-handling equipment or heavy-duty mobile cranes, these machines are used daily. South Africa has large and demanding industrial and commercial sectors and therefore, having quality lifting equipment at your side is an absolute necessity. This is where 600SA Holdings holds the solutions for your business in South Africa.

We offer a large range of quality lifting equipment to ensure that your business has every tool in its arsenal to get the job done. When referring to lifting equipment, we often talk about the crane. The idea of a crane originates from a counterbalanced concept where a pivot-like instrument is used to lift on one side while a counterbalance weight is applied to the other. Since the original idea, the concept of cranes, especially mobile ones, has evolved dramatically. Today, we focus on some quality lifting equipment 600SA Holdings offers in South Africa.


Mobile Cranes Made Easy

Construction companies use tower cranes in large construction projects to do heavy lifting and achieve good reach. Unfortunately, these cranes are big – and static, once erected. This is where mobile cranes offer a workable solution in situations where the crane needs to be able to move around. Mobile cranes are also not limited to the construction sector. These cranes are useful in a wide array of industries, making them adaptable to many work environments. We offer a variety of quality lifting equipment in South Africa with our selection of Penz Crane and Fassi knuckle-boom cranes.

Penz Crane truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes are specifically designed for forestry and recycling applications. These cranes can easily be mounted onto the rear of your transportation truck to add some versatility to it. Now, you can simply drive to the pick-up area, load your truck, and be off again without the need of an additional vehicle or equipment to do the loading for you. We offer four Penz Crane ranges to choose from, with two focussed on forestry applications and the other two on recycling. Quality lifting equipment for these industries has never been this easy to find.

If you are looking for versatile, top-quality lifting equipment in South Africa, our range of Fassi truck-mounted cranes holds the answer. These knuckle-boom cranes are available in an all-inclusive range of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty models to suit your requirements. Regardless of the industry or intended function, these knuckle booms are amongst the best quality lifting equipment that you can get your hands on in South Africa. They are suitable for both commercial and industrial functions, compact for travelling, and effective for lifting purposes.

We offer a spectrum of quality lifting equipment for sale in South Africa. Feel free to browse our website for images and detailed specifications on all available truck-mounted knuckle booms from Penz Crane and Fassi. We also offer a selection of industrial cleaning and waste-management solutions to meet your business requirements. Choose 600SA Holdings today and let us breathe new life into your work fleet with our range of products and solutions.