Range of Fassi Cranes

Our Wide Range of Fassi Cranes

Cranes have been a part of the construction and industrial sectors since the beginning of civilisation. The originals were counterbalance-and-pivot designs that could lift large and heavy building materials. This type of design, although heavily refined over the ages, still works well and is used for stationary cranes such as large tower cranes. Fortunately, we now have a wide range of other crane designs for specific applications as well, including mobile cranes. The world of mobile cranes offers a surprising variety of models to choose from. On one side, we have specialised vehicles that carry lattice booms and on the other, we have truck-mounted knuckle booms, which is a Fassi speciality.

Lattice-boom cranes have a static base section. In some configurations, these cranes can rotate and extend a certain distance, but they do not make for ideal truck-mounted cranes. If there is one thing that Fassi has proven, it is the effective way in which their range of knuckle-boom cranes can be mounted on trucks. A knuckle boom can fold in on itself in the same manner that a finger folds in on itself. Therefore, a knuckle boom is much more compact than a lattice boom during transportation – and therefore ideal for mounting on a truck.


Fassi Truck-Mounted Cranes

600SA Holdings offers a comprehensive range of Fassi cranes to choose from. With light-, medium-, and heavy-duty models in our inventory, finding the perfect model for your truck is simple and easy. Fassi’s range of light-duty cranes can lift up to 11,2 t. These cranes are ideal additions to flat-bed trucks that transport vehicles or heavy goods pallets. The maximum outreach of the largest knuckle-boom crane in this range, the F110A, is 16,5 m, giving it an excellent work radius from a stationary position.

Fassi’s medium-duty range takes it up a notch. These knuckle booms are more robust and can lift even heavier loads. The largest crane in this series is the F335A and this model can handle a total mass of 31,7 t. It has a maximum outreach of 26,7 m to add to its already-impressive list of features. These cranes are ideal for a host of industrial applications. Whether it is a dump truck that needs extra lifting power or a flat-bed that transports heavy equipment, the medium-duty range fits the bill and will handle the task at hand.

Fassi’s heavy-duty knuckle-boom cranes display the sheer power and grit of engineering genius put to the test. These cranes can handle a myriad of lifting tasks, with total lifting capacity as high as 137,5 t for flagship F1950RA model. With these Fassi cranes’ very impressive specifications, it is clear that they are at the top of the class of truck-mounted cranes. 600SA Holdings offers a comprehensive selection of versatile and functional Fassi cranes for sale for your business.

When it comes to industrial lifting equipment, we deliver the solutions you need to take your business to new heights. For more information on our range of Fassi cranes, feel free to browse our website for detailed specifications. Choose 600SA Holdings today and take advantage of our wide range of lifting equipment in South Africa.