Road Sweepers for Sale

The Purpose and Function of the Road Sweepers We Offer for Sale

Road sweepers are custom-built machines that are used to clean large surfaces. These surfaces are typically roads and sidewalks. However, they can also be used to clean parkades, malls, and other large indoor facilities. Although these machines are not a common sight in South Africa, they are very popular in many cities around the world. Businesses use them to clean warehouse floors, workshops, and large manufacturing plants. Their purpose is to clean as big an area as possible in the shortest possible time. If you are looking for a machine to clean such areas, we have a few options for sale that could revolutionise the way you approach maintenance at a large facility.

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Most businesses don’t realise all the benefits of using sweepers to maintain the floors and roads in and around their facility. Some of these machines are operated from a cockpit where the driver can sit, while others are walk-behind designs. Today, we will go into depth on the machines we offer for sale. There is much more to them than what meets the eye. By looking closer and understanding how they operate, you can get a good idea of whether they will be suitable for your fleet.

The Sweepers for Sale from 600SA Holding 

We offer a variety of quality brands’ industrial equipment for sale. These brands include Hako, the manufacturer of the Sweepmaster series of sweepers. This series includes a variety of machines that is perfect for floor and road maintenance, whether indoors or outdoors. We start with the Sweepmaster P650 and B800 models, featuring a walk-behind design for the operator. Their design utilises one single-swivel wheel at the front and two rear wheels. This configuration allows the operator to easily turn the nose of the machine to face the desired direction. These models are meant for indoor use, rather than cleaning roads and other driving surfaces.

The primary brush is fitted at the front and on the right-hand side of these sweepers. The controls are conveniently placed on the handlebar, allowing the operator easy access. They also feature vacuums at the bottom that trap and suck in the dust kicked up by the brushes. Therefore, they are feasible options for cleaning offices without having to worry about dust polluting the air. These machines are powered by onboard, maintenance-free batteries that can be recharged from any power socket. They are ideal for cleaning indoor surfaces.

If you are looking sweepers that can clean larger industrial areas, roads, and carparks, the Sweepmaster B900 R and B980 RH road sweepers are solid options. Both are ride-on machines to cover more ground, as the operator does not need to walk. These machines can cover up to 7200 m² per hour, making them perfect for getting the job done quickly. They feature two dirt hoppers that are mounted at the rear and which can easily be removed by the operator to be emptied when they are full. They also feature a hopper lift lever to deposit large pieces of debris with ease. They have comfortable seating for the operator, making it convenient and fun to maintain the floors of a larger industrial facility.

600SA Holdings has a range of industrial sweepers for sale that can be used indoors and outdoors. The walk-behind models offer dust-free indoor cleaning, while the ride-on models can be used to clean driving surfaces such as roads. For more information on these incredible machines, please browse our website. We have digital brochures that feature images and specifications on them for you to make an informed buying decision. Choose us today and let us elevate your business to new heights with the quality industrial cleaning equipment we offer for sale.